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May 12, 2012 17:39:07   #
Hello Pounder would you explain "Bridge Camera"; DSLR; and MP to me? Some of the many things I need to re-learn. some day I'll ask someone about upgrading my 1979 Olympus OM-10. Well, Thanks, Buckeye
May 12, 2012 16:45:00   #
Sorry but what are M settings? Actually I don't know any of those others, either!
May 12, 2012 16:37:52   #
WOW! Totally awesome! And with an Olympus. I still have my 1979 OM-10. I'm not sure it will do all the things you all discribe, but what it does do, I'm happy with. I'm thinking maybe good to get a newer Olympus. Well, Keep up that good work!!!
Apr 30, 2012 15:51:16   #
Totally wonderful Thanks for them.....
Apr 14, 2012 16:16:32   #
WELCOME ANGLER! Good to see you here!!!
Apr 14, 2012 14:48:44   #
Thanks Mike! I've never seen a red buckeye in spite of my name! ohio buckeyes is all I know. THAT:S pitifull!!!! The tree pics Jo sent are really beautiful. When I get over my surgery and get me a vehicle, I maybe should go check our the northern south once again :)
Apr 14, 2012 13:16:45   #
Oh I WILL!! I am so curious if the buckeyes you send will look like the buckeyes I grew up with and know. That tree of yours is really gorgious! Now I'm trying to figure out how to send Patty a copy of those lovely tree pics you have sent me.I'm hoping my scanner/copier/printer will behave right because I also have some very old pics that have been considerably damaged that I want to try and find out if anybody on our forum has a clue to whether or not any repair is possible. gotta send the pics first. I am SO technically dumb. It's not because I'm Deaf--it's because I am pretty much a mountain hillbilly and don't have much of a clue about this stuff. I AM trying to learn!!!
Apr 14, 2012 00:24:04   #
He's right about the luck. I, however, am living in buckeyeless oregon. I would love tohave a couple! But I don't recall the trees ever looking like that!I'll be anxious to see the buckeye you send! Oh. my addresse: Susan-- Suz-- Cruse; 606 Knights Bridge Road, Canby, Oregon 97013
If I can figure out how to send your pics, I'll forward them on to a cousin back home. I'll ask what they are and hope Patty's as clueless as me!!! :lol:
Apr 13, 2012 22:43:54   #
Unfortunately, I can't blush! I am an Ohioan through and through no matter where I am living, and every other tree on the ground is a buckeye. But you know, I don't remember EVER seeing them look like that! WOW. As the cartoon guy use to say---ya got me there, wee willie :-D And Thanks!!!
Apr 13, 2012 16:41:59   #
Iknow this sound dumb. I know it. But I do not know his name. How lucky you are!! And thanks so much for getting me here. You know, I don't think we call him ANY kind of a buckeye!? Do you??
Apr 9, 2012 16:04:41   #
Our anima shelter was trying to adopt a "huge" cat. Now I'm sure that cat certainly wasn't "huge"; large, maybe, but now I see huge for what it really IS!
Apr 9, 2012 15:59:19   #
Well I am back at my own computer and wishing everyone had a wonderful, Joyous and Fun Easter! Keep that going just as long as you can!
Apr 9, 2012 15:56:56   #
I hope everyone had a really Joyful and Funfilled Easter!
Apr 9, 2012 13:28:08   #
Thank You Wabbit! I knew you could do it! Because you're silly and like I tell my kids, I love silly!!!
Apr 9, 2012 13:12:28   #
Never mind the backbiting--will someone answer the original qq--WHAT IS OP?
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