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Apr 21, 2024 15:42:57   #*****e-c****e-denial/
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Apr 17, 2024 09:01:59   #
Racmanaz wrote:
It was a BS list of lies that you will believe at any cost. You have no credibility or integrity to speak of, that's why you believe any BS lies just like how you pushed the Russia/Trump collusion conspiracy BS lie.

Hey Rac - you often call people liars. Please advise what Trump companies I showed on the list were in error. If you can't, we will really know who is lying here.

If you can't that will show that you are as least as full of it as your idol Trump.
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Apr 15, 2024 21:42:31   #
Racmanaz wrote:
lol pure BS lies again. Trump did not have that many failed businesses, but he did have some that file chapter 11, which many big businesses do. You obviously don’t know how a business runs. Getting your information from new sources is not what I call researching. Lol You are as delusional as many of your father lefty anti-Trump cultists are.

Typical Rac - deflect, insult, ignore facts, categorize everyone that doesn't agree with you as a Trump hating liberal.
Unfortunately, as usual, you are misinformed.
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Apr 15, 2024 18:10:12   #
[quote=Racmanaz] Wrong - here's a list of Trump failures complied by a guy named Mike Burch:
Mike Burch - Poet, Editor and PublisherAuthor

It’s not 20 Trump businesses that failed, it’s over 60 Trump businesses that failed. And these included six bankruptcies for many billions of dollars altogether. Trump bankrupted three casinos, which no one thought was even possible at the time, since casinos can “dial in” their profit margins.

Trump has more major business failures than anyone in American history, and probably more than anyone in world history.

Trump is a terrible businessman and it seems he is likely to go bankrupt again, unless his hero and puppet-master Putin decides to bail him out.

Donald Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in a number of important categories such as accusations of rape and sexual assault, felony convictions, bankruptcies, business failures, etc.


Trump has exceeded all American presidents in lies: more than 30,000 in just four years.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in felony indictments: 91 to zero.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in f********t e******n lawsuits: 62 to zero.
Trump has vastly exceeded all American presidents combined in failed businesses, at least 64 and still counting:
Trump Taj Mahal Casino (bankrupt four times)
Trump Castle Casino (bankrupt three times)
Trump Plaza Casino (bankrupt three times, and not only bankrupted, but demolished!)
Trump Plaza Hotel NYC
Trump Indiana Riverboat Casino
Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts
Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for the fourth Trump casino-related bankruptcy in 2014. Trump now claims he had “nothing to do with” the company despite it bearing his name and his owning 28% of the stock, which proved worthless in the end.
Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama (the Trump name was removed from the building after numerous Trump lies and shady dealings):

Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama was the first international "named branded development" of The Trump Organization. But it was surrounded by shady dealings:

Donald Trump arranged financing for the project from Bear Stearns: a $230 million bond offering for which he received a $2.2 million commission. During the financing, Ivanka Trump falsely claimed that over 90% of the units had been sold, and that their sale price was five times that of comparable units. She also exaggerated demand for the units, claiming they were selling out even as potential buyers were being offered substantial discounts.

During the development, Donald Trump falsely implied that the Trump Organization had a financial stake in the project and was acting as the developer, neither of which were true.

The hotel opened on July 6, 2011, approximately a year behind schedule. Two months later Fitch Ratings downgraded $220 million in construction bonds from B-sf to CCsf due to "continued uncertainty over the willingness and ability" of buyers to take possession of apartment units.”

The Trump Organization managed the hotel until Cypr**t businessman Orestes Fintiklis, who had bought a majority stake in the hotel condominium association, legally ousted them and had the Trump name removed from the building in 2015 and from the hotel in 2018. The hotel was renamed The Bahia Grand Panama until Marr**tt took over on September 26, 2018. Professional management at last!

In June 2019 Fintiklis accused Trump companies of tax evasion.

The 13-story base is topped by a tower resembling the Burj Al Arab, a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; the Jumeirah Group sued over the similarity.
Trump Airlines aka Trump Shuttle
Trump Mortgage was unable to pay its debts, including unpaid taxes. Yes, Trump even failed at his specialty!
Trump Steaks went out of business owing Buckhead Beef $715,000.
Trump Steakhouse was shut down for 51 health code violations, including serving five-month-old duck!
Trump Wine
Trump Vodka
Trump Fire
Trump Power
Trump Pale Ale
Trump Water
Trump Ice
Trumped! was an American daily talk radio program hosted by Donald Trump.
Trump the Game (failed twice)
Trump the Fragrance
The Trump Foundation, a fraudulent “charity,” robbed the poor of charity donations and was shut down by the State of New York.
Trump “University” was shut down as fraudulent after bilking over 5,000 students and Trump was penalized $25 million. Trump staged wealth-building seminars that cost up to $35K. The instructors turned out to be motivational speakers, some with criminal records.
Trump Institute was separate from the fraudulent “university.”
Trump Princess
Tour de Trump
Trump Modeling
TrumpNet was called “the worst idea in the history of the Internet.”
Trump Telecom was a telephone communication company that abandoned its trademark.
Trump Tower Tampa

Trump sold his name to the tower’s developers and received $2 million. The project folded with just $3,500 left in cash. Condo buyers sued Trump for allegedly misleading them. Trump settled and paid as little as $11,115 to buyers who had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Trump Chicago
Trump Soho
Trump Golf Puerto Rico
Trump Baja Mexico
Trump Atlanta
Trump Charlotte
Trump Fort Lauderdale
Trump Waikiki Hotel
Trump Jupiter
Trump Baku Hotel in Azerbaijan never opened.
Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai never opened.
Trump International Hotel and Tower New Orleans never opened.
Trump Tower Palm Beach
Trump Empire Cologne
Trump Success Cologne
Trump Style
Trump World
Trump Magazine
Trump Travel Agency
Trump Mattresses
Trump IPO ticker DJT
Trump Vitamins & Urine Test Kits
“Paris is Out” Musical
New Jersey Generals

Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in accusations by women of rape, sexual assault and/or other sexual improprieties: 27 to zero.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in billion-dollar bankruptcies: 6 to zero.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in states with f**e e*****rs: 6 to zero.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in trials for rape and defamation of a rape victim: 2 to zero.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in c**p attempts: 1 to zero.


Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in calling women “pigs,” “dogs,” “d********g animals,” etc.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in calling America’s valiant war dead “suckers” and “losers” for serving their country.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in insulting Gold Star families.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in preferring Russian intelligence to American intelligence.
Trump has exceeded all American presidents combined in praising foreign despots like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

Rac - Grasshopper - have you learned nothing about research?

John Heywood: "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know. "
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Apr 9, 2024 22:46:30   #
T***h Seeker wrote:
The Great C***D Cover-up: Shocking t***h about W***n and 15 federal agencies***d-cover-up-shocking-t***h-about-w***n-15-federal-agencies

Neither Rand Paul or Fox News is known for their veracity; Paul's been on F***i's case for years particularly after F***i ate Paul for lunch in a couple of the meetings. Fox News admitted to the "s****n e******n" h**x, so why would we believe anything coming from them now. The sad story is that both parties did a piss poor job during C***D. If you want to prosecute F***i, think about going after Trump for knowing that there was a highly infection disease and having indoor mass meetings in spite of that knowledge; it is estimated that those meetings infected 30,000 people and 700 died. Or you might want to criticize the Governor Newhouse who appointed the head public heath officer based on her ethnicity rather than her qualifications in dealing with infection disease and she allegedly stymied plans to try and stop the spread of the disease. A good book on it is "The Premonition."

The sad t***h is that all of the major state players; China, Russia and the United States have labs that play around with these microbes; and the accidental release of any of them could be even more catastrophic than C***D. If you want to be afraid of what is already out there in nature read "The Hot Zone." I had the pleasure of meeting the main subject of that book 20 years ago. If you think they are bad, consider monkeying with something like Ebula.

The screw up was China. There is little doubt in my mind that they let a pathogen loose, didn't act quick enough to stop it and a lot of people died. These research centers share a lot of information; Paul trying to tie these guys on the basis of one ex-marine probably won't work.

F***i should have retired a looong time ago.

As far as this scene goes, I'm far more interested in preparing our resources to combat the next one instead of beating this one to death.
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Apr 4, 2024 18:30:40   #
ArtzDarkroom wrote:
or perhaps something for Mother's Day?

Thanks for the title - I laughed - the man is so totally shameless anything is possible.
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Apr 4, 2024 15:56:18   #
[quote=RichieC] Interesting reading, the use of drugs to handle other uses once out is more common than most of us think. A good example is the new injectable drugs for Type II diabetes which is now being dispensed for weight loss.

I think that one, reading your note would make the assumption that ivermectin worked; it doesn't. If you look up the trials by non-FDA scientific studies, the latest being Duke University in 2023, the results are clear that it doesn't work. As you mentioned early studies thought that it might; there was a search for something quick to stop the spread of C***D - antiv***ls previously used for influenza didn't work and there was no v*****e.But the problem with invermectin is that many of these tests were seriously flawed as is cited in the below article:
From what I've read Dr. Bowden continued to prescribe these drugs when sources said they didn't work. Please note that Dr. Bowden is not an expert on infectious disease; she's an ear, nose and throat specialist. One might wonder if her suit was an action because of the heat she got from the local medical boards and because her privileges were revoked at a local hospital. One can only speculate.

On hydrochloroquine, early studies thought that it might work against C***D - from memory I think one was a French study with a very small sample. Later trials also found it also lacking.

A major problem is that the FDA is a political appointee - there was intense pressure from the politicos to get something done and fast; trials for new drugs generally take years. There was enough time to take a pain-staking process; too many would die. It was a miracle that we got the v******tions out as soon as we did.
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Apr 3, 2024 17:36:32   #

I'll respond to you then to the overall issue. Ivermectin is approved for use in humans as an anti-parasitic(effective against parasites), not as an antiv***l(effective against v***ses), nor an antibiotic(against bacteria, nor an anti-fungal(against mold & fungus). Doctors do prescribe drugs off-label if found to be effective in the treatment of other diseases.

There were numerous clinical trials on the effectiveness of invermectin against C***D; the latest from memory at Duke with 1200 participants that found that the drug had no effectiveness against C***D - It was written in JAMA:

The doctor in question was being censored and lost hospital privileges for her use of the drug that was deemed inappropriate. The FDA suit was probably her fighting back.

Politicians pretend to know about everything; unfortunately this was a new disease that was studied quickly and not all attempts worked. Trump's "one day it will all go away." was as stupid as Biden's "v******tion will prevent you from spreading it." We are still learning about disease like TB that have been around for centuries; we will be studying C***D I believe for a long time. Some diseases go away and stay away, others like the flu keep mutating and visit us frequently.Unfortunately, I think C***D will be the latter.

I hope that helps.
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Apr 2, 2024 22:37:43   #
lbrande wrote:
Brian Dietzen. Not a pathologist but the Coroner.

Autopsies ordered by the state can be done by a county coroner, who is not necessarily a doctor. A medical examiner who does an autopsy is a doctor, usually a pathologist. Clinical autopsies are always done by a pathologist.

Also see:

What is a forensic pathologist? 

Forensic pathologists are physicians who investigate these unexpected, suspicious, and unnatural deaths, typically by performing autopsies. Their work involves both medical and legal matters including testifying in court. Forensic pathologists require a fellowship in forensic pathology after training and certification in anatomic/clinical pathology.

To investigate ate murder - pathology is a necessity.

Hope that helps.  
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Apr 2, 2024 09:54:21   #
steve03 wrote:
If you believe the Bible is true then you know there has been many resurrections in the Bible.

As Golda Meir told Khrushchev Israel leads the world in resurrections.

Great post!
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Apr 1, 2024 22:20:00   #
I guess the investors did not read the history of the Trump Taj Mahal. The investors lost a bundle and Trump then had to seek foreign banks.
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Apr 1, 2024 22:12:07   #
Frank T wrote:

Who cares if they patched a celebration of the resurrection of Christ with a pagan holiday. As Christ lived again, life renews itself in the Spring.

I read your note with a bit of disdain, and a bit of pity. I’m a Christian, but I always try to respect others’ beliefs and view with disdain those who put their beliefs or non-beliefs ahead of others.

I’m analytical by nature; as a young student even though attending church I studied most of the great religions and I kept coming back to Christianity. I’ve seen things that I couldn’t explain, as well as evils. My final belief in the concept of a soul occurred the death of my Father. Dad was a vital guy, my Mother and I were out when a cousin called 911 and had him go to the hospital; he died on the way. My Mother made me take her to see Dad’s body; I saw a shell – the soul or spirit was gone. You can believe what I saw or not. The belief in salvation through my religion has sustained me through good and bad times.

I am a two-time survivor of a very deadly disease, esophageal cancer. My doctors at Penn call me the “Miracle Man.” Only a couple have admitted they have no idea how I have survived countless procedures and side effects, but I am still here. My answer is simple: Faith. I’m a peer counselor to other victims of the disease and when asked how to survive I answer:

“If you have no faith, find it. If you have faith, renew it. During World War II it was said there were no atheists in fox holes. Like the warriors of that time, you are going into combat; the difference is the combat is going on in your body.”

Perhaps you should consider Pascal’s Wager. I didn’t need it; I believe. Blaise Pascal — French philosopher, scientist, mathematician and probability theorist (1623-1662) —argued that if we do not know whether God exists; perhaps you should play it safe and believe rather than risk being sorry.
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Apr 1, 2024 20:46:53   #
Cool. The guy is the pathologist from NCIS.
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Mar 31, 2024 10:18:37   #
[quote=SteveR]Unless I missed it, I could not find this pronouncement on Fox had it, but to assuage Kraken I found the White House announcement. I'm not sure how he would rate that. ["We rate the White House about as far left of center as it's possible to get"]

It really didn't bother me as it seems we always have some inane day for coffee, bagels, country of origin, etc. I do think we need a National WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) Day as historically they were the ones that established the experiment that is the US. My wife and I feel neglected.

But given my twisted sense of humor isn't it Christmas rather than Easter when "don we now our gay apparel?"
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

For Christians - Happy Easter. For other faiths, agnostics and atheists - have a nice holiday.
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Mar 31, 2024 10:06:00   #
Frank T wrote:
It becomes more obvious everyday why you couldn't make it as a police officer.

Sorry Frank - I didn't like that comment at all. Whether police, sheriff, or correction officer these men put their lives on the line every day. Dennis is much more conservative than me; but like me he is entitled to his opinion.

I don't disagree with the 2nd amendment, although I do believe that there should be some sort of middle ground to prevent known nuts from having access to them. Two of my best friends are gun collectors; and although I don't currently own one, I have thought about getting one to carry - I hear on the news every morning that the local city, Philadelphia, had another person k**led by gun fire. One of those DA's that Dennis is talking about is in Philadelphia and the state legislature is trying to impeach him.

Nor is this a color issue; I was at a Good Friday service sitting with a black preacher where we had a pretty good discussion about the failings of that particular DA.

BTW Dennis - have a good Easter. I'm playing the Easter Bunny today and spreading eggs around 3 PM for the egg hunt for my seven grandkids and grand nieces and nephews. I'll hop away now.
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