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Jul 11, 2019 16:16:43   #
TriX wrote:
Man’s greatest tecnological accomplishment in my opinion.

At the time they did it, probably, but not now. The technology they used to go to the Moon was primative by today's standards.
Jul 11, 2019 16:00:58   #
cr0ak wrote:
I think another thing that helped in Sears' demise was their return policy. Years ago, a neighbor worked in the catalog department. She said some woman came in with a slew of old, worn-out bras and demanded a refund, which the neighbor had to honor.

And a brother-in-law was boasting that he got a $149.99 tool for $14.99 because the thing was mis-priced and the clerk didn't catch the error.

Dishonest people, I'm sure, contributed to their demise.

Sears's demise was mainly due to the idiot CEO who ran the business into the dumper.
As for their return policy, there are lots of dishonest people out there who take advantage of any and every situation they can. But, as long as the honest people outnumber the dishonest people, civilized society will survive. I personally believe in karma and the bad people will get what they deserve eventually.
Jul 11, 2019 15:52:00   #
Scruples wrote:
Ha! Ha! That is hysterical but not entirely correct. The candies are actually impregnated with a tincture from a dark brown glass bottle. It is labeled "To Be A Better Photographer."

On a side note, I needed some vacuum cleaner bags. I went into my local PC Richards store. There were three employees. Two were busy on their cell phones. I went over to the third and asked him where the vacuum cleaner bags were. He responded with, "I dunno." I asked him where the front door was. I then walked out right away. I'll bet if I wanted to buy something expensive those three employees would be all over me like flies on a roast.

I think it is sad that stores hire children to work the store. In my line of work, we are all prohibited from using the Internet on our computers, using our cell phones and even drinking a cup of coffee in front customers. So even if a store treats the customer well, we should patronize that store regardless of the deals available elsewhere.

Ha! Ha! That is hysterical but not entirely corre... (show quote)

I agree with you, if you're not worth their time, they're not worthy of your money. There's a motorcycle dealership not far from me that employs some really stupid sales people. Funny thing is, they are one of the largest dealers in the area and two of the makes they sell are Honda and Kawasaki. I've purchased motorcycles from them in the past but the last 3 motorcycles I've purchased have been from other dealers. Why? Because, as I said, the sales staff there are stupid.
I was looking to get a new, bigger bike for my wife. She had a Honda Rebel 250 that I had purchased at the aforementioned dealership. We went there on a Saturday morning and we were looking at what they had in stock. My wife wanted a red Kawasaki Vulcan 500. They didn't have a red one in stock. Instead of the sales staff doing what they could to find a red one, they apparently decided we were waisting their time and just ignored us. We left and headed to another Kawasaki dealer I did business with back in my dirt bike days. Leisure Equipment near Spring City PA. Not only did they have a red Vulcan 500 in stock, they were more than happy to sell us one and throw in a few accessories to sweeten the deal. We loaded the bike on the trailer and headed home the long way. Had to stop at the other dealership to show them what a red Vulcan 500 looked like.
The next incident at the dumbass dealership was when I decided it was time for a new Goldwing. My 1999 Goldwing was getting old and I wanted a new one. The old girl as gold on white and was in excellent condition for her age and ran really well, she was just starting to cost more to maintain her. We went to the big dealership again on a Saturday, but it was in the afternoon. There were 3 salesman on the showroom floor and they were concentrating on a teen boy and his pretty young girlfriend who were looking at an $1800 dirt bike. Let's do the math. What has the potentially higher commission, an $1800 sale or a $25000 plus sale. Two problems, they didn't have any Goldwings in stock and they said my trade was too old. The one sales moron who did give us 5 minutes of his time just showed us a catalog and headed back to the kids. We walked out, got in the car and headed to the next Honda dealer about 15 miles up the road in the next county. They had a brand new silver GL1800 in the showroom but by the time we got there it was Saturday closing time. The salesman sensed we were serious and although he locked the front door, with my wife and myself inside, he continued to "sell" us the new bike. They made an excellent trade in offer on my current Goldwing, sight unseen and worked out a deal I couldn't turn down. The next Saturday we dropped off the old bike and I rode home on the new one, but first, I had to drive by the other dealership to show them my pretty new Goldwing.
To be honest, I use the service department at the bigger dealership because unlike their sales department, they have an excellent service department. They will do most routine services and state inspection while you wait, no appointment needed. The other dealership doesn't do that.
When the all new and improved 2018 Goldwing was introduced, I had to have one. I wanted a red touring model. Again, we went to the bigger dealership first, mainly because it's closer to home and they have a much, much larger showroom, potentially more to offer. They had the bike I wanted but they didn't want to give me squat for my 2013 Goldwing. They said because the 2018 is an all new design, it severally reduced the value of the older bikes. What a bunch of poppycock. I wasn't about to give them my 2013 bike that was in perfect condition and had about $3000 worth of accessories installed, for practically nothing, so they could resell it for $14,000 plus profit. So, you guessed it, we headed to the other Honda dealership. They to had the red GL1800 touring model I wanted and they were ready to work an equitable deal. We left that day, owners of a beautiful red 2018 Goldwing tour model.
It's truly amazing how dumb the showroom sales staff at the bigger dealership are and how much money they could have made off my wife and I had they simply treated us like regular customers.
Jul 11, 2019 07:10:20   #
Notorious T.O.D. wrote:
True, but the 5D3 and 5D4 were mentioned several times I believe...

Just goes to show that not everyone is paying attention.
Jul 11, 2019 06:58:54   #
bleirer wrote:
That book says published in 2009. Might be an awful lot has changed since then.

That would be the first edition of the book. It's been updated since. Also, equipment has changed a bit since 2009 but photography in general has not. Photography isn't about the gear you own, it's about how you use that gear.
Jul 11, 2019 06:48:11   #
Jul 11, 2019 03:54:58   #
Chris T wrote:
Snappy - the 7D is a Crop Sensor Camera, so - the EF 80mm f1.8 - will NOT work on it …

This is true because to the best of my knowledge, the EF 80 f/1.8 or any other EF 80 prime does not exist.
Jul 11, 2019 03:49:32   #
Picture Taker wrote:
Any "S" lens will not work on a full frame camera

Been paying attention to the rest of the conversation, have we...?
Jul 11, 2019 03:48:16   #
Haydon wrote:
I will be interested in Canon's second round. The lack of IBIS, a second card slot and reliable Eye AF found on the Sony's makes it a non starter (for myself). In some ways (not all) Canon's first round at best is a lateral move to their comparable DLSR line.

None of the OP'S lenses will mount natively to a Sony body. This conversation is not about the good vs bad points of MILC vs DSLR. It doesn't matter that the EOS R series cameras don't have IBIS or two card slots or eye AF. Neither does my EOS 80D and I've take some really nice photos with that camera.
Jul 11, 2019 03:39:59   #
Notorious T.O.D. wrote:
But so many are hot on mirrorless and all the lenses will work with the adapter. I believe the adapter is included in some offers... Just surprised me no one brought it up.

Possibly because most of the responders figure the OP is on a strict or limited budget because all the lenses are used flea market finds and the OP may want to keep the cost down as low as possible. Most people are suggesting bodies that cost well under that of an EOS R or RP. Or, maybe the bulk of the responders are anti-milc.
Jul 11, 2019 03:29:21   #
dennis2146 wrote:
With respect, a go-to lens can be any lens that a photographer has on his camera most of the time. The question was about a 35 or 50, not other lenses. The OP's go-to lens does not have to be the same as yours.


Look at the topic title...
Jul 10, 2019 11:41:31   #
Notorious T.O.D. wrote:
I’m a bit surprised nobody has mentioned the R or RP... perhaps because of the DSLR stated or the cost. Aren’t almost all the current Canon Crop bodies in the 24mp range now other than the 7 series... I don’t follow them that closely but that’s my perception.

Possibly because none of the OP's lenses are native mount on an EOS R or RP body.
Jul 10, 2019 07:14:49   #
Just a little background so you can tell I have a clue. I own 12 Canon DSLR'S so I am quite familiar with them.
My first recommendation is the EOS 80D. My recommendation, if you want a smaller body is the SL3, but you are limited to Canon speedlights with the Rebel series, which isn't a big deal as there are lots of fairly inexpensive Canon flashes available and the SL3 does have built in flash.
Canon never made an EF 80 mm prime lens. All Canon EF lenses that start or end at 80mm are zoom lenses like 28-80, 35-80, 80-200, and there are multiple versions of each.
Jul 10, 2019 06:47:57   #
Neither. There are multiple variables to consider. I personally rarely use my 35 or 50 mm primes on my utility camera, a Canon EOS 5D mk IV. My go-to lens for general photography is my EF 28-300L zoom lens. It's not as fast as the primes but it's fast enough and its versatility outweighs its limits. I am not afraid to turn up the ISO when needed.
Jul 9, 2019 18:13:32   #
Another my dog is bigger than your dog conversation. Well, my dogs probably aren't bigger than yours but they are super friendly and fun and cute. Bottom line, who cares what brand of camera one uses! It doesn't prove a darn thing and it really doesn't matter. Like Steve Wozniak said, if you want easy, get a Mac, if you want lots of functionality, get a PC. What make of camera you have is far, far less relevant than ones ability to use it.
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