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Mar 19, 2024 12:13:40   #
Rongnongno wrote:
The progress is in the sensor, nowhere else.

The idea of using a display instead of through the lens is reverting to old time when folks were looking from above to focus...

Issues with the display...
- LIGHT!!! If too bright, good luck using the display.
- Eyes issue If one needs glasses all bets are off, there is no way to adjust for that but use the tiny in camera display in the 'view finder'. Go check for accuracy on that since the display is made of tiny pixels vs 'a normal light' (analog)
- Weight unbalance. (Light body, heavy lens)

That is one of the few reasons why I will not upgrade to mirrorless, even if I do appreciate the new sensors.
The progress is in the sensor, nowhere else. br b... (show quote)

I respectively disagree.

My Nikon mirrorless camera (Z9) allows me to see the image I am about to capture while viewing it through the viewfinder. I do not have to look at the LCD screen to see what I will be capturing. My D 850 and D500 mirrored bodies allow me to view it through the viewfinder too, but with one significant difference--the adjustments to the image for things like exposure compensation, shadows and highlights, etc are NOT reflected in the viewfinder version. But they ARE reflected in the viewfinder when I am using my mirrorless camera. If you want to try and "get it right in the camera" a mirrorless camera can be a better choice that a camera with a mirror.

And the other benefits of a camera with a mirrorless sensor listed by another poster can be very significant too.

As far as I am concerned, the ability to see image adjustments you make before image capture is a huge game changer.
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Mar 19, 2024 09:21:42   #
The Houston Camera Club is still in existence. So is the Houston Innerloop Photo Club. Houston Photochrome Club shut down about two years ago. There is a club in Kingwood too.
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Mar 18, 2024 10:16:43   #
I have been on two African photo safaris. I used a dry bag to protect my lens and camera from dust (and rain if that were to occur). Something like this. Just make sure it is long enough to cover the lens and camera and that the diameter is wide enough too:
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Mar 18, 2024 10:10:49   #
rpm wrote:
So, I broke down & purchased a D850 after shooting 18 years with my D40X. The new one has so many buttons & it's heavy! Can't wait to do something with it but think I'm gonna need a lesson or two... any suggestions to get me up to speed?

Download all of the free manuals from NikonUSA. Some are for specific shooting situations. Make sure you get the User Manual. Check for what firmware is in the camera. Download and update the firmware if needed.

I have Thom Hogan's Guide to the D850. If you shoot with flash, his guide covers flash with lots of good (and needed) information.
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Mar 16, 2024 10:27:10   #
Dbrow411 wrote:
I've always been very interested in macro photography. I now have a new attachment that has a focus stacking function so, I'm now looking for a decent macro lens. Does anyone have any advice?

Any of the three Nikon F mount macro lenses ought to work for you if your budget allows you to get one or two of them, used or new--60mm, 105mm, 200mm. Another option is the manual focus Irix 150mm macro lens with a Nikon F mount. It comes with a tripod collar mount which I find to be very useful for macro shooting.
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Mar 12, 2024 13:26:55   #
PipeTobacco wrote:
Hello Everyone:

As I really have not been focused (hah, unintended pun) on new "point & shoot" cameras of late, as I tend to only use my old DSLR for my photography, I have a question I would like to hear opinions on:

I have a daughter who is going on an extended overseas trip to two different continents (South America and Asia), and I am hoping to get her a camera for that trip. A few caveats:

1. She is not a photographer by inclination.
2. She does take some occasional photos with her iPhone.
3. She needs to travel "light" so a basic, rectangular "point & shoot" would be her best bet to fit easily into a pocket to carry with her through her travels.

I would like her camera to be reasonably "durable" so that is she accidentally drops it, it may likely survive.
I would like it to be as functional as possible in low light situations.
I would like it to be reasonably fast to record images to whatever media it uses.

I tend to likely prefer Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, or Sony, but am open to other options.

I would like to spend somewhere in the $100 - $300 range.

What would you think would be good choices to look into?

Thank you for considering my request for guidance!

Hello Everyone: br br As I really have not been f... (show quote)

Check out the options at DP Review Buying Guides.
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Mar 7, 2024 10:22:48   #
TRUSTY wrote:
Anyone have any problems updating fro MAC Monterey to Sonoma? I am unable to "transfer" from my Nikon 7000 to my Mac? I've gone to the Nikon site to no avail.

You may have to use the latest version of Nikon NX Studio for MAC. It is compatible with Sonoma. I believe Transfer is now available only as part of NX Studio.
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Mar 6, 2024 10:53:03   #
It all depends. I like to see the habitat in nature images, not just portraits or head shots. My usual practice is to select the right lens. Add a tc if needed. Crop is the last option. I shoot with both FF and crop sensor cameras.
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Mar 4, 2024 12:32:29   #
A small whistle or some other device to help someone locate me, like a cell phone .
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Mar 4, 2024 12:29:08   #
The pricing change/discount may be coming from the manufacturer. I would be inclined to get the 2tb over the 1 tb.

I doubt if any of the pricing has to do with quality issues.
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Mar 2, 2024 10:07:08   #
I use DXO-PL 7 as my NEF raw processor. I can do a batch in export to make jpgs from NEfs. But I am sure that just about any raw processor could do the same thing. FYI, I do this rarely as I prefer to to export images to a different format one at a time. The free NX Studio from Nikon probably can do it too.
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Mar 1, 2024 10:41:54   #
JZA B1 wrote:
Does anyone buy third-party straps or you generally use the original that comes with the camera?

I think my only modification was adding a velcro pocket for a remote to a standard strap.

Is there something else people do with straps in terms of adding features/functions that I might be missing out on?

I never use the strap supplied by the camera manufacturer. I use straps designed to fit across the shoulder and the body to eliminate neck strain. I have three straps I use for different purposes: Peak Design Slide; OpTech Pro and a Black Rapid Sport. I added a QR clamp to the Black Rapid so I can attach it to an Arca Swiss camera plate or a tripod collar mount for tele lenses.
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Feb 28, 2024 10:39:17   #
I use the 100-400mm S lens on my Z9. I bought it instead of the 70-200mm f2.8 S lens. For most nature shots especially birds, I use my 500mm f5.6 pf lens on my Z9. If your primary need is nature or wildlife, I would suggest you check out the 180--600mm as you will likely need the extra focal length 80-90% of the time. Or get the 400mm prime lens and the tc. .
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Feb 28, 2024 10:26:19   #
cindo51 wrote:
Does anyone use this system? I purchased it a while ago (late 2022)and used it sometimes, but now I can't get it to work, and despite frequent attempts at reaching out to their support team, the answers are not clear. I do have a receipt, and the activation code, but it seems that perhaps the Dxo Collection and 'Dxo Photolab' are two different things, and I just can't figure it out? I used to experiment with it and didn't have any problem!?

I use both DXO-PL and the NIK Collection. I have no issues or problems using either. I am able to send images from DXO-PL to a specific NIK product like ColorEfex Pro directly from DXO-PL. I just click on NIK Collection (next to Export) in DXO and select the NIK program I want to use. Once I click on it It launches directly. Once I finish any NIK edits, the processed Tiff image shows up in DXO-PL.

I can also load a jpeg or tiff image into a NIK program as if it were a stand alone program.

Check out Robin Whalley's site to find some training videos: Lenscraft

My current versions are DXO-PL 7.4.0 and NIK Collection 6. I have been using NIK for over 10 years and DXO-PL for about four-five years. I use both programs on windows computers. I am a very satisfied customer with both programs !
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Feb 24, 2024 10:06:33   #
kliese wrote:
usually my camera is in my left hand as i wander around. sometimes in my back, the i have to stop unpack and take my shot. i have seen some ads for a harness type where it looks like it attaches and stays a bit more static
Any advice out there. headed on a multi city adventure this summer

Check out the various straps and connectors made by Peak Design, Black Rapid and Op Tech. All are good if they are designed to fit your particular needs and camera/lens size and weight. For me the key is to shift the weight to your shoulders and body away from your neck. I have straps from all three companies.
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