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Nov 28, 2015 13:56:22   #
Using on a D7000...the 35mm just doesn't seem to want to focus as sharp as my AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 seems to effortlessly do every time. I use these a lot indoors during the holidays and parties.

Would rather use the 35mm indoors just because of the limited space and crop factor. Any ideas? Thanks
Sep 24, 2015 13:03:05   #
I borrowed my sister's new Nikon 18-200 VR to carry on our San Francisco area vacation this spring. I was more than pleasantly surprised and rarely took it off. It is a very good, do everything lens.
Mar 8, 2015 10:21:09   #
ras422 wrote:
I agree with SS -Pfeiffer beach at sunset and will also post a shot. If possible get to Yosemite only 3.5hrs from oakland. The upper altitude areas glacier point etc will not open til early to mid June but still worth seeing without a doubt. Talk your wife into more time!! Rich

And if you go to Pfeiffer Beach, you have to have lunch/dinner just a mile away at the Nepenthe; cliff side restaurant with terrace overlooking the pacific. It's our go to place at sunset when visiting the area.
Sep 11, 2014 07:43:52   #
picsman wrote:
Here is my pic shot 2 nights ago. Settings were:f/11, 1/125, iso 100 using a tripod, mirror up and release cable.

Sorry, for picsman.
Camera, lens?
Nice shot
Sep 11, 2014 07:42:40   #
Camera, lens?
Nice shot
Aug 4, 2014 09:53:12   #
And if you or anyone just happen to be in Big Sur area, eat at the Nepenthe Restaurant. Just make sure it is around sunset.
Aug 4, 2014 09:44:58   #
You do know 2 days is not enough in SF?! I'm sure you know, but to state the obvious place. Cross the GG bridge, get off on Alexander Ave exit and find your way back up the mountain. First to Battery Spencer and then all the way to the top at Hawk Hill. These are where all the postcard shots are taken looking down on the Golden Gate.

SF is my favorite and, IMHO, the most beautiful city in America. You could spend a month between Hearst Castle and Sausalito and still run out time photographing the area. I would be a little jealous but am header there for a week next spring. Enjoy!
Jun 16, 2014 07:45:24   #
Fathers day? I got something that makes every camera work great.... My first grandchild. Isn't she gorgeous?!

May 26, 2014 22:18:02   #
mrtobin wrote:
and it is all for naught, because it is out of focus

ok. you saw the camera data that meives posted above. the lens was a nikon 70 - 300 mm. This was a walk around, all pictures handheld.

I did not attempt any sharpening in pp. What settings could/should be changed to make it more in focus/sharper.
May 26, 2014 16:51:22   #
Armadillo wrote:

Lets put image 1 on the bottom of the pile, it is too far gone, it may not be worth considering. Looking at image 2, it had potential just before pressing the shutter button.

The task here is to better balance the exposure between the bright background and the shaded subjects. You can do this with Neutral Density filters (ND), if your external flash has enough light power to overcome the ND effect. With a ND filter in front of the lens, the camera will meter the light coming through the lens, the background light and the reflected light from the flash. If the external flash is powerful enough to overcome the ND effect you might get a good overall exposure.

Another alternative is to use the computing power of the camera and a ETTL flash. The technique here is to use the camera to expose for the background, and the flash to expose for the subjects. The camera will measure the light reflected from the subjects through the lens(TTL) and control the flash duration for exposure.

I do not own your model of camera, but the settings are similar and you should be able to find exact information in your camera owners manual.

We will concentrate on your camera's built in flash, an external flash will work the same as long as it is ETTL capable.
1. Turn on camera.
2. Make sure flash is enabled.
3. Set camera Mode Control to Program (Not Auto).
4. If you have Exposure Lock (Back button exposure lock) use it to measure and lock the exposure for the background).
5. Set camera exposure metering to Average, or Center Evaluative measurement.

When you are ready to capture the image, perform the following:
1. Pop up the camera flash head.
2. Using the viewfinder make a rough composition of the subject to photograph.
3. Move the center spot of the viewfinder over to the bright background.
4. Press the back button exposure Lock button to lock in the exposure value for the bright background.
5. Recompose the viewfinder image and place the center spot on the ladies eyes.
6. Depress the shutter release button half way down. (This is Focus Lock).
7. Recompose the viewfinder for a final composition and depress the shutter all the way down.

Technically what this has done is to preset the camera shutter speed to expose for the background. Set the camera flash to expose for the subject. Set the focus for the ladies eyes. and captured a well balanced image over a bright background.

Practice this method with your on board flash, it is a lot easier getting used to all the steps than trying to use an external flash, sync cord, and flash bracket. Once you get used to the process you can move up to the big external flash system.

When you get used to using the fill flash on your camera you may want to experiment with Exposure Compensation for the background. You would start with a -.63 Ev cor the background, this will under expose the background by 63% of one stop.

Good luck,

Michael G
bsmith52, br br Lets put image 1 on the bottom of... (show quote)

I tried this under a little different situation around the house using on camera flash...very good results. will try with SB600 soon.
Thanks, Michael.
May 26, 2014 10:40:32   #
Good morning and blessings to those who have served and are serving our country.

Thanks to you all for the professional tips and suggestions for my pics, both in camera and pp. As you can tell, I'm not a professional photographer, but get the family nomination because I enjoy it and have a better camera than anyone else.

I did pp a little in Picasa, drawing down the shadows and adding fill light, which helped the foreground and subject a lot.

What all of you have suggested will be a big help when we return to the same spot/situation, after the baby gets here!

Thank you again for taking the time to share your expertise.
I read UH every morning while eating breakfast and am always learning from you all
May 25, 2014 13:13:04   #
Afternoon river walk, sun on river in background. We were under trees, shady. I know this is a tough time of day.

Nikon D700 with sb600 using fill flash. What can I do to prevent the washout. Settings? Filter? Thanks in advance.


Feb 21, 2014 09:20:01   #
#1 for me as well Mitcha.
Jay, interested in your comment on needing more space on the left.
Can you explain your theory/reason for that? No criticism here...just like to hear all angles. Thanks
Dec 17, 2013 09:31:14   #
Guns are not the answer for everything. But when you are being shot at, or your children, they are certainly better than apples and chalk.
Dec 17, 2013 07:46:07   #
The article made a good point about adults being protected. Every where you see adult government employees gathered they have adult armored protection.

Congressmen don't go to work a day without it...and wouldn't. But they will make laws for children to do what they won't do.

Oh that our Congress would consider human nature rather than human emotion when prescribing how the rest of us should live.
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