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Aug 21, 2019 23:20:27   #
creativ simon wrote:
This challenge has proved one thing to me and I hope others will see it as well. Many members on this challenge are showcasing some of there finest work.

WHY ???

Because like everything in life if you give 100% you can do no more, when you are on your own you can do just that but if in a group it maybe fun but you only give 90% because of the distraction and that is not good enough.
Just my view and observation

You hit on a winner with this challenge Jim
This challenge has proved one thing to me and I ho... (show quote)

Aug 21, 2019 23:18:12   #
Roadrunner wrote:
Special area...Shot these last evening. Out here I have done hundreds and hundreds of photos, and mostly all with my pod, Solitude.

Nice one Jim all have that lovely glow which helps pg29
Aug 21, 2019 23:17:17   #
William wrote:
back on topic

Nice one Bill pg29
Aug 21, 2019 23:16:32   #
Aug 21, 2019 23:16:13   #
judy juul wrote:
Some of my favorite solitude places...

these look great for the purpose judy pg29
Aug 21, 2019 23:15:21   #
SueScott wrote:
Resting in peace and solitude in the St. Magnus kirkyard on Birsay Bay, Orkney.

Aug 21, 2019 23:15:00   #
William wrote:
solitude ...

Nice set Bill I too do this often in the evening just go out back and relax. pg29
Aug 21, 2019 23:14:01   #
Roadrunner wrote:
Another history one, very sad btw. This is the remains of an eel trap, when set up would go all the way to the low tide line and was emptied twice a day. What is sad? No more eels, no more smelt and Under water you cannot see more than 24'', but the economy is very good

Aug 21, 2019 23:11:57   #
HardworkingGal wrote:
Capturing a moment of solitude while grandson occupied with a playmate that he met at the lake.....
get when you can...

Nice set Vicki need that with grandkids, if only we had their energy! pg28
Aug 21, 2019 23:10:06   #
danersmiff wrote:
solitude shared...

Aug 21, 2019 23:09:45   #
MattPhox wrote:
I didn't want to disappoint Jim by not posting a couple of the bridge at dawn.

Nice ones matt like the 2nd one pg27
Aug 21, 2019 23:08:56   #
judy juul wrote:
New London, Ct. light out in the wilds!

Aug 21, 2019 09:43:39   #
Nice series, nice detail, lucky you, thanks for sharing Blaster!
Aug 21, 2019 09:18:31   #
danersmiff wrote:
sometimes, your not always alone...
sometimes you get your feet wet...
and sometimes, the story,
just tells itself...

Nice set dana, I do see bigfoot, like the last one of stream. pg26
Aug 21, 2019 09:17:28   #
chase4 wrote:
OK Dane, you asked for it so here it is. Sorry no coconut but will a pineapple do? chase

Nice shot chase, luv it! pg26
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