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Jun 3, 2024 22:37:15   #
Have you considered writing revisionist history for a living?

1. Trump eliminated the National Security experts on disease on his e******n.
2. He was told in January that C***D was highly infectious.
3. He proceeded to have indoor spreader events that infected per the Stanford study that infected 30,000 and its estimated to have been responsible for 700+ deaths.
4. He continued to advise that the disease was under control and would "go away."
5. Then he suggested ingesting disinfectants to stop the disease.
6. He failed to follow the p******c protocols established by Bush II and Obama

Suggest you read "The Premonition," which describes much of the miscues on the C***D p******c.

I totally agree Biden has done a crappy job on immigration. A bipartisan team came up with a plan which was k**led by Trump advising he wants it done under his administration.

What a guy!
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Jun 3, 2024 18:52:50   #

If the dumb ass had paid the money out of his personal account, the whole thing would be moot. He tried to hide the payment through a proxy and he's still lying about the relationship.

For all the indignation by the Republican Hoi polloi, it seems that the Trump's previous misdeeds are forgotten:
1. Fraudulent charity - should have been charged with fraud, nope, not done.
2. Fraudulent Trump University - should have been charged with fraud, nope, not done.
3. Trump Taj Mahal fined $10,000,000 2015 for money laundering - Trump charged criminally, nope, not done.
4. Allen Weisselberg - Trump CFO - 15 counts of hiding taxable benefits - fraud - do you honestly believe that Trump - Mr I know everything about my business - didn't know what's going on? Fraud again. Sweetheart golden parachute to the CFO to keep his mouth shut - $2,000,000.

Republicans family values - I guess they are out the window when it comes to Trump banging the Playboy Bunny and the Porn Star while Melania was carrying his son.

Trump finally got caught. Biden is no prize, but Trump's an immoral crook.

We are better than both these guys, as well as Mr. Worm Brain.
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Jun 2, 2024 14:54:23   #
Hi Ben: I've used both, prefer OEM. I've bought used OEM batteries used from KEH that have worked out well. My Sony rx100 vi I always have a backup battery with me just in case.
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May 29, 2024 18:59:24   #
Racmanaz wrote:
Yeah, who couldn’t have seen this coming? Oh yeah, the blind far lefty lunatics.

It sounds good to politicians, but they don't understand basic economics. Owners are in a competitive market, they raise prices to compensate for higher costs - if they don't layoff workers to keep costs down. If prices raise, or service lags (less workers, poorer service) it loses customers, could go out of business.
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May 27, 2024 20:52:50   #
Wow - very talented young lady.
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May 26, 2024 10:28:39   #
MTG and AOC are examples why we need birth control; likewise Trump and Biden.
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May 26, 2024 10:23:27   #
Racmanaz wrote:

He is with a girl that looks like that and he's more interested in the game the girl? He should turn in his man card, or come out of the closet.
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May 26, 2024 10:20:50   #
T***h Seeker wrote:

Hey T***h Seeker - don't faint; I agree with you. In March I had to go into a city ER when a biliary stent failed - there for 3 days - on the way out the ER was crowded and everyone had a long wait. There was a man of color who got out of his seat and started yelling I can't breathe; he probably thought it would get him him quicker. Obviously if he could jump up and down and yell, he wasn't having trouble breathing. A guard standing next to me gave the guy a couple of minutes and said Oh, my - got up tackled the guy and put him in the seat. The two guards, both of color, said this city is really begin to suck. I then went outside and waited for my wife to pick me up.
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May 26, 2024 10:11:25   #
[quote=T***h Seeker]Listen up JoBama

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate (not really, but maybe you'll get the hint. Here's a shot from overhead of the crowd - Gee, doesn't look like 30,000 does it; maybe 5,000 total. Good news his buddy Stone didn't import an image from some old rocker's concert. Usual Trump BS.

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May 24, 2024 15:36:07   #
Roger Stone - convicted felon due to spend 40 months in prison and later pardoned by Trump - posted the attached showing the crowd at Trump's Wildwood rally. The total was supposed to be 80,000 to 100,000.

A curious thing, when I was a kid I visited West Wildwood often as there was a house owned by my Aunt Grace and Uncle Skeeter(real name Enos), both gone now for a quite a few years. Uncle Skeeter was at D-Day and marched across and helped liberate Europe.He had his M1 h*****g over his mantle and advised he'd never use it unless someone invaded Wildwood. He was a union labor leader and did not have kind words for Republicans and was a little perturbed when I went into management. He probably would have been picketing - tough guy - wouldn't have been a guy to mess with by the confrontational MAGAs.

BTW if you note the mountains in the background, there aren't anywhere near Wildwood - some big hills by Western standards in the Northwest corner of NJ. It turns out Stone, always of questionable veracity, posted a picture of a Rod Stewart free concert in Rio in 1994. The real total for the Wildwood rally was about 30,000; so I've been informed. Didn't Trump exaggerate his inaugural attendance?

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May 22, 2024 19:08:39   #
1. There are only two g****rs.
2. Women’s sports should only be competitive with women.
3. T*********rs don’t want their own professional sports leagues, because they know that not enough people give a s**t about t*********rs to make it financially viable.
4. Boy Scouts should keep the name ‘boys’ in their title.
5. Joe Biden made our borders a disaster, allowing non vetted people, former prisoners and gang members into our country.
The borders have been a disaster for years, Biden certainly has done a piss poor job, but there was a deal to tighten the border but Trump k**led the deal because he wants credit for it if he wins.
6. By changing executive orders when he took office, Joe Biden changed the oil producing world and since most things are delivered by truck, not only gas prices, but grocery prices etc.. have greatly increased.
This has been discussed before; the cartel is largely responsible, plus profiteering by the oil companies.
7. Under Joe Biden, there are two WARS.
I assume you are talking about US involvement - the assumption is for example that no war in Ukraine if Trump was President you'd have to ask Mr. Putin on that one.
8 Joe Biden has politicized law enforcement, and most folks no longer trust the FBI or the DOJ.
More Trump BS - the simple fact is that Trump played the edges and got caught.
9. Congress can’t even get v**er ID, so we spend thousands of hours discussing v****g problems.
This has been the most do nothing Congress in history. Both parties are dysfunctional.
10. If the liberal media had real investigative reporters and networks broadcast the news in a non-political, non-biased way, most of the above list would not have happened.
There has been substantial bias on both sides - its a crappy situation.

Personally I think these are extremely poor candidates, most people in my circle want neither.
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May 21, 2024 23:03:58   #
1. You stiffed contractors for over $70,000,000 in Atlantic City, putting many out of business and ruining the lives of many.
2. You stiffed one investment group for $13,500,000 also in Atlantic City.
3. You had to refund $25,000,000 to students of your f**e university.
4. You spread a story questioning an e******n that every investigation showed was fair.
5. You egged on a mob to invade the Capitol, the center of our democracy.
6. You knew a disease was highly contagious and you minimized the danger to the public and had spreader events that infected 30,000+ and k**led 700+.

That's the record of your hero Donald Trump - Cohen is still a thief, but he pales next to Trump.
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May 20, 2024 20:45:30   #
[quote=dennis2146]Why on earth were American military troops in the country of Niger? For what purpose, who sent them there?

To combat islamic jihadists in Africa. They train there and go out to create chaos elsewhere. The friendly Niger government was o*******wn by a c**p last year.
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May 20, 2024 20:41:30   #
I'll give my 2 cents on the medical system in the US. I'm a 2 time survivor of esophageal cancer and a peer-to-peer cancer counselor. Problems include:
1. The cost to train new doctors is prohibitively expensive; a few med schools like NYU are now tuition fee; most aren't. A friend's son is pre-med at Vanderbilt - cost $82,000 annual. The debt for training is overwhelming.
2. Managed care by insurers is to save the public money; that's a lie. It is to save insurers money. Paperwork for doctors has quintupled in the last 20 years - instead of seeing patients they have to spend hours justifying their decisions to the insurers. The 1st line of the insurers are manned by people checking guidelines that have virtually no medical training.
3. Doctors, nurses became burned out by C***d, many left for easier positions.
4. Doctors are often restricted by regulation put together by legislators that are ill-informed or not knowledgeable about medicine - take a woman that has a non-viable fetus that may k**l her or render her infertile - doctors are threatened by the danger of fines or prison. Gynocologists are leaving the Southern states in droves. BTW, Roughly 10 to 20% of all pregnancies are terminated by miscarriage.
5. Hospitals are overwhelmed by unavailability of traditional doctors say for conditions that could be treated outside the ER like the common cold - no docs they go to the ER.

Kicking the can on the insurance when I was first diagnosed, my drs. wanted a PET scan - its a metastatic cancer. It was diagnosed by full professor at Penn. The clerk declined, I appealed, it went to their medical person declined, I appealed their dr declined. The surgeon said he needed it to find out what he was dealing with - I knew the law and pushed - the declining dr was a pediatrician in Nashville overriding an international expert on my disease. Threatening got me the right scan - what about the poor guy that doesn't have my knowledge or sk**ls?

I was retired when it came back I was on Medicare - much easier to deal with - got my scans and treatment. I would be dead now if I had to have dealt with that original insurer and had to jump through the hoops i did the first time.
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May 11, 2024 12:29:39   #

I know - he and his supporters will claim it's a witch hunt. Unfortunately, non-politicos per the article say he double-dipped on a tax loss.

BTW Did they ever find that $50,000,000 loan that Trump says didn't exist, but was supposed listed on his tax forms?
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