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Jan 21, 2019 02:19:18   #
kcooke wrote:
Thanks I appreciate your kind comments! The moon was high in the sky here so live view on the flip out LCD was really handy. I just used my phone to change settings and take photographs after adjusting tripod for each shot

Duh why didn't I think of that! Actually I'd have used my laptop with the camera tethered. I did use the fold out screen and live view with the camera on a tripod. It was pointed almost straight up since the moon was high in the sky. I used my remote shutter release. It was 33 rising to 35F while I was out there. Guess we were having a heat wave in Louisiana.

Thanks for reminding me of a better way!
Jan 11, 2019 16:56:46   #
Raz Theo wrote:
The only editing system I have (ever) used is Photoshop Elements 11. Recently it dawned on me that I have hardly used it lately, substituting instead the basic program, Apple's Photos. The reason for this is that I was never comfortable with PS (probably a little lazy) and lacked the interest and persistence to really learn it. Photos is just simpler. But you get what you pay for right? I want a little of the creative post-production I see from many of you Hogs and on other sites. But I need help. What's out there? What program do you find most intuitive? Most efficient? Most flexible without breaking the bank?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
The only editing system I have (ever) used is Phot... (show quote)

I find many programs to be intuitive and logical. I do not find LR or PS to be that way. However I do find them to be the programs that work best for me. I strongly recommend that before importing your first file into LR that you watch one of Adobe's free tutorials on file organization FIRST! LR is great at organizing the storage of your pics but only works if you do it in LR and not with your computer's file system. It can be a real pain to straighten once you screw it up. Better to learn how to use it before you start. Don't let that frighten you away, it works great if you do it in LR.

Now the reason I'm writing this is because the more you use LR and learn it's features the more you start to realize that you can do a LOT of post processing right in LR. You might never even want to use PS but it is there for you if and when you need it. I've found many of my pictures that I first imported into LR that now that I've learned to use LR better, that I'm going back and readjusting them. I love that I can always go back to my original with LR. Naturally the more I use LR the faster I get at post processing my pictures.

Whatever you settle on, stick with it long enough to to get comfortable with it and learn it's features. Another nice thing about LR is that there are thousands of FREE videos from Adobe and on YouTube to get you through whatever you are trying to figure out how to do.

Good luck.
Jan 9, 2019 01:10:34   #
Dale Cook wrote:
There is a famous waterfall near the Transco tower in the Galleria near 610 W loop & Westheimer that lots of photographers use for photo shoots. Of course there are many others suggested by the other hogs.

I love the water wall but I think they changed the name of the building from Transco to the Williams Tower. It is about a block south off Westheimer at 2800 Post Oak. It is officially the Gerald D. Hines Water Wall Park but known as the Water Wall. It is officially open from 10am until 9pm. I used to love to go about 2am and there would be people there looking at the wall. Not sure if you can do that now.

The wall is a 64 foot high semi circle with water cascading from the top. Once you step into the center all you can hear is the falling water. I felt as if I were in some jungle. Step out and you here the sounds of the Houston traffic again. The reason I love the wall at night is that it is lit up with lights and is very pretty.

There are lots of things to do and see in Houston and the surrounding area. Enjoy your trip.
Dec 18, 2018 02:20:54   #
NormanTheGr8 wrote:
I think you should list the actual subject so we have a better idea what your question is, it also helps someone doing a search locate answers to questions already asked

Oct 13, 2018 15:00:31   #
JCullman wrote:
Thanks for the tips. Some have asked how much RAM so I’ll give you all relevant specs

Dell XPS 15 9560
Intel i7 2.8 GHz
16 GB ram
Graphic processor
Windows 10 Home

Hope this helps you guys help me. I’ll run some time trials to make sure our subjective descriptions of fast align.

Specs look good. Other than it is a Dell which I don't like (my personal opinion) I have no idea why it would be so slow. I have a 4+ year old Lenovo laptop with an i7 processor but only 8gig of Ram. It does have a separate Nvidia graphics processor and a 1TB SSD HD. It runs like a champ.
Sep 6, 2018 03:12:37   #
hdp26 wrote:
What would you do? Here is what happen. I was down by the river taking comparison shots with a Nikon DX with a super zoom on it and an Olympus Micro 4/3 with a super zoom. But that’s not the story.

The problem is that I broke one of my cardinal rules. “When you take the lens cap off it is immediately placed in your pocket.” I broke the rule and placed the lens cap on the hood of the card. I finished the shoot and drove home. Less than a mile. That evening I drove to the store. Less than three houses down the street this black thing comes flying up at the windshield. I flinch thinking it is a bird about to hit the car. Upon returning home I have that sick feeling, did I put the lens cap back on the lens? Quick check, no lens cap on the Nikon superzoom. Quick go out and walk down the street. No lens cap. Check the next morning. No lens cap. Ask the neighbors. No lens cap. Crap, there goes a quick thirty five dollars.

So for me at home it means a telephone call to B&H to order a new one but my question what would you do if you were on a safari or some other location far removed from a quick replacement?
What would you do? Here is what happen. I was dow... (show quote)

First I apologize if I'm repeating but I'll confess up front that I've not read through this thread and technically this is not an answer to what I'd do if I lost my cap but rather what I do to keep from losing my cap. Every one seems to hate those stings that attach your cap to your camera. I came across this and for $8.96 thought I'd give it a try. I clip it to my camera strap and then clip my cap to this clip. It holds amazingly well. I've not misplaced or lost a lens cap since I started using it on my camera. It works for various size lens caps so you only need one per camera.
Sep 6, 2018 02:51:16   #
AndyH wrote:
It is all stated above. Thank you for your concern. The issue has been resolved. I will send fragments of the drive to all those sincere and sympathetic souls offering to take it off my hands for a mere ten dollars. PAyPal only to “”

Sorry to hear of your problems. Sounds as if you were doing things correctly except for maybe deleting the software. I find it very annoying when others keep asking the same questions over and over because they are too lazy to read the thread and prefer that you answer the question again just for them. I love my passport. I just plugged it in and it worked. I suppose that I did have to install the software but that was uneventful on my Windows 10 laptop. It has been backing up fine for some time and in the background so I don't notice it at all.

Obviously we all have different experiences. I've had excellent results with WD drives. I've had numerous failures with Seagate drives. Therefore I buy WD and not Seagate. Another poster had better results with Seagate so who's to say?

I just wanted to point out that it is working on Windows 10 for me so I don't think that is the problem. BTW, it is not my only backup in the event that it does fail eventually. I tend to backup my photos to several different drives.
Sep 3, 2018 02:59:07   #
IDguy wrote:
Ah. So it is AK, CN, and New England. Great trip!

Or maybe Alcan and East. I found the couple times I did it they no longer call it the Alcan. They now just call it the Alaska Highway.

I’m headed out in a couple weeks for a trip similar to your second half. From Idaho east above the great lakes to Acadia National Park for the foilage, and maybe north again to Canadian Atlantic provinces before south to FL before heading back west via Branson.

A little different hardware, though.
Ah. So it is AK, CN, and New England. Great trip! ... (show quote)

Yeah. AL-CA-NE had me very confused until I went to the web site since AL is the abbreviation for Alabama, CA for California and NE for Nebraska.
Aug 5, 2018 01:48:14   #
kashka51 wrote:
Going to Hawaii and i am looking for suggestions for a SD Card External Hard Drive. Looking for an average price and at least 1TB. I can go with refurbished or new. Thanks!

This has been mentioned in UHH before. I believe what the OP is looking for is an HD he can backup his SD cards to without a computer. This WD HD was mentioned before.

I believe that this drive is available in several sizes. Google it and you may find a refurbished one.
Jul 29, 2018 02:31:06   #
I did not "Quote Reply" because these are general comments on topics mentioned in this thread and not to those who commented. Unfortunately none of this has to do with the OP. 😕 Sorry.

As for all you who never format your cards but just delete, you might keep in mind that you leave a lot of fragmented files when you just delete. This does affect your read/write speeds. If you never shoot more than one shot at a time and you never do video, well maybe it really doesn't matter. ☺️

As for Sony reliability, they are a very large corporation with many divisions which are not all the same. Some of their products I like and some I don't. I personally don't like their computers. I had one with a known defect that showed up after the warranty expired and Sony would not help owners of that model. I still have my last Sony Betamax which had high quality sound and a great picture quality for the time. I've owned Sony Trinatron TV's from the 70's to current HD TV's. I've owned Sony CD players and a great Sony CD changer that I still use. I've owned Sony DVD and Blue-Ray players. All good products but I have had some of them stop working and had to replace them. It happens with all companies. As for Sony cameras, remember that as has been said on here, they came from Konica Minolta which is another division of Sony. Still another division makes professional video equipment. I said all that to say all Sony products are not the same. Some are of better quality than others and I believe you can say that of most large companies with many divisions.
May 24, 2018 20:26:19   #
Wellhiem wrote:
I have a couple of cameras. A Canon EOS 600D fitted with an 18 - 270 lens, that I use when I go somewhere where I don't know what I'll be shooting. And, a Canon EOS 1Ds Mk3, usually fitted with a 24 -105mm L series or other lenses if I know in advance what to expect. Either way, in these days when everyone uses a phone to take pictures and anyone under the age of about 25 doesn't know what a viewfinder is, I often get total strangers come up to me and say "That's a nice camera". I'm tempted to reply "Oh, is it? thank you, I was worried I may have wasted a lot of money". I wondered how everyone else responds to this.
I have a couple of cameras. A Canon EOS 600D fitte... (show quote)

I have that happen a lot to me when traveling. I usually carry my D750 with the 24-120mm lens with my other equipment and lenses in my backpack. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid about letting it out of my hand when I travel. ☺️ As my wife and I were boarding a cruise ship the photographer who photographed us as we boarded mentioned how he wished he had my camera. He was shooting with a Nikon as well. On several different flights an airline stewardess has said "my what a nice camera". Once was as I was exiting the plane so no time for more than just a thank you. Usually I do just say thank you unless l'm not walking away and they seem to want to talk more. I have been asked if I was a professional photographer which I'm not.
May 19, 2018 18:24:05   #
orrie smith wrote:
I have not done video, as I prefer stills, but a family member has requested me to do a video at his wedding. As part of my research on how to do this, I am asking this forum. When recording the video, will I need to constantly hold the af-on button down while recording to maintain focus. Thank you in advance for any information.

I don't like doing weddings but my cousin recently asked me to video her daughter's first dance at the reception. I have the Nikon D750 and had never shot video with it before.

This is what I learned. Modern DSLRs are limited to 29 minutes 59 seconds of video because if the do 30 minutes then the EU considers them video cameras and charges a higher tarrif. I thought that was pretty stupid but it seems that might be so. However, at higher resolutions and frame rates that time limit is even shorter.

I also learned that if you use auto focus and the camera's built in mic then you pick up all the motor noise of the lense focusing. I decided on manual focus and used Nikon's external mic which I thought did a good job.

Since I was just doing the dance, time wasn't an issue for me. I used my 24-120mm lense that I bought with the camera. The lighting was on the dark side but I set the camera to auto ISO that I normally never use but needed because I had to set the shutter speed to 1/60 to match double my frame rate of 30 fps. There are technical reasons for this you can research if you wish but that is how I understood that it should work and it did for me. I also had the apature wide open.

I used my tripod. That is how I managed to keep from moving all over the place with my video. I set up in a corner and had the entire dance floor in my view. When the father of the bride stood in the center of the dance floor I manually focused on him. The bride and groom entered from the left so I slowly panned to the left and followed them back to the dance floor. With my lense zoomed out I was able to capture them as they moved about without having to do a lot of panning and zooming. I was very pleased with the results, even the audio.

The recommendation is that you manually set the audio levels but in my haste to change all my settings to do video I left the audio level set to auto and it came out pretty good.

There are a number of YouTube videos that explain this better than I have but you can do it with your D750 and have a video of great quality.

I recommend that you do practice before hand and check out the YouTube videos. Set your video settings, (1080 at 30fps or whatever) and video until it stops to see how long you can video before time runs out so you won't be surprised at the wedding.

Best of luck.
May 19, 2018 16:57:51   #
jradose wrote:
First of all, understand, I am quite "technology challenged," I need baby steps to understand computers. I am needing a new computer. I have an old HP laptop that is running extremely slow, it couldn't catch a cold! I have tried defragging the hard drive, cleaning the cache, etc. My present computer has just 4 gigs (I think that is the right term!). What do I need in a new computer, ram wise? I don't do much on the computer, basic surfing, play very few games, do face book, and process photography pictures using photoshop cc and lightroom classic. Now, I am not interested in keeping up with the Joneses, I want just what I need to do what I want on a computer, as I have stated. Also, do ypu recommend HP, Dell, etc.? I do not want to go Mac. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
First of all, understand, I am quite "technol... (show quote)

I'm a little late with this reply but here are my thoughts. You've been given good advice on the amount of RAM you need. 16gb is great but you can get by with less. Get too little and it will be your bottle neck slowing down your processing. PS and LR do require more Ram than other apps like your word processor or email program. As for computer makes, you can get a lemon from any of them. I prefer to buy directly from the manufacture like or I have found that they will sale some lesser performing models at the retail stores than they will sale directly. In particular in order to be competive they seem to cut back on quality control on models at some of the wholesale clubs compared to similar models sold elsewhere. If you do many pictures I'd recommend a 1TB hard drive for storage. I'd also recommend that at least have 1 USB external hard drive for backup. Even new hard drives fail. I recommend Western Digital. You can get their Passport 4Tb drive for a little over $100 and it comes with automatic back up software so that you don't have to hassle with backing up, it is just done for you.

As for Dell. Many people love them but they have always frustrated me greatly. I find them built for obsolescence compared to Lenovo and HP which I've found to be easier to upgrade when necessary. I also find Dell more difficult to work on.

Lenovo and HP both have great tech support. As a typist I prefer the keyboards of Lenovo and Dell. If you aren't familiar with Lenovo, they bought the IBM PC division and still make computers like IBM did with tech support out of Atlanta, Georgia. Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops are some of the best you can buy.

You can call Lenovo or HP and they will be able to advise you on a model that will meet your technical specifications. Of course the better the specifications the more expensive the computer so you have to decide what is most important to you for your needs. At a minimum I'd recommend 12GB RAM (16 GB is better) , 1TB hard drive and an Intel i5 processor. Actually if it is within your budget I'd really recommend the i7 processor. You'll be able to operate PS and LR just fine with an i5 but it seems that an i7 just is able to handle updates and new software longer into the future than the i5. I'd stay away from the i3. With the i3 you are starting off slow and as you upgrade and add new software it will just get slower.

Rember to consider an extended warranty. If you buy a 3 or 4 year extended warranty, any problem and you just call and send it to them and usually have it back in a week or less. Some even give you the option of having a tech come to you for repair.

Best of luck with your new purchase.
May 11, 2018 13:19:02   #
Bill UT wrote:
I am thinking about upgrading to a full frame camera and like the price point that the Nikon D750 is at. I have thought about the new Sony, A7III however with the current pricing on the Nikon is tough to pass up. I will most likely buy with the 24-120 offered and at some point use the cash saved to buy another lense most likely a long range zoom.

I have done a fair amount of research and would like to know if some of you have had real time experience with this camera and what you think? I know they have had a few issues with the 24-120 lense and some initial firmware problems.

Any thoughts would be appreciated?
I am thinking about upgrading to a full frame came... (show quote)

Buy it now! Nikon has a great deal. I LOVE my D750 and 24-120mm vr Nikkor lens. I have other lenses but find that they stay in my camera bag most of the time. I love the low light capability of this camera. I like the way it feels in my hand even with the 24-120mm lens. For me it does get a bit heavy carrying it around all day with the battery pack but the battery pack is nice to have if you need it. I haven't found the 24-120mm to be soft but maybe because I have the VR version.
May 1, 2018 01:35:15   #
jim quist wrote:
There is an old jail in town that is a popular site for prom pictures. There are too many people using it to set up lights of any kind so a fill light with on camera flash is about all you can do. And forget a 70-200, people will be in the way, so a 24-70 is the must have lens for this. Everyone (about 10 couples this time) shows up at the same time, and after about 30 minutes they head out to dinner, then its off to the prom. It's all rush-rush. I don't know how this tradition began but it's sort of written in stone. All things considered I can live with the lighting here.
There is an old jail in town that is a popular sit... (show quote)

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