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Sep 2, 2019 08:34:15   #
tradio wrote:
It is a family problem. Too many kids growing up without a father or a father that is involved.

I agree whole-heartedly! Fatherlessness is the most common trait among criminals, from the low-levels to the mass killers.
Sep 2, 2019 08:31:47   #
LWW wrote:
-Keep democrats from control of major US cities.

-Keep leftists from having guns.

Statistically when one removes leftists from the equation, the US murder rate falls to among the worlds lowest.

Sep 2, 2019 08:29:43   #
gorgehiker wrote:
Architect: "What it shows is most all these shootings are enraged democrats being whipped to insane rage against Americans to the point of shooting."

There have been many ridiculously stupid comments posted in the attic, but this ranks right up there with the most idiotic ever. This would be funny if just weren't so sad.

Almost every time a mass shooter or terrorist has a voting record or party affiliation, they turn out to be a Democrat. Why don't you prove your point and show us the ones who have turned out to be Republicans?
Sep 2, 2019 08:21:57   #
The rest of the World is starting to catch on!
Aug 29, 2019 15:10:31   #
EyeSawYou wrote:

The idea that banks won’t lend to Trump because of his bankruptcy history is the equivalent of fake news: MarketWatch analysis

Thanks for clearing that up!
Aug 28, 2019 11:15:20   #
Kraken wrote:
I know, I was being facetious.

Well then, that's the first time you're making sense!
Aug 28, 2019 10:59:42   #
Kraken wrote:
For once you are making sense.

I was joking! And you took this as serious? You really think that because a bank has copies of Donald Trump's tax reuturns that this is grounds for impeachment??
Aug 28, 2019 10:12:17   #
BigWahoo wrote:
"Deutsche Bank told a federal appeals court on Tuesday that it was in possession of some tax returns sought by congressional subpoenas issued earlier this year to President Trump, his family and his businesses.

In a letter to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the German lender wrote that it “has in its possession tax returns (in either draft or as-filed form).”

Although the identities of the people or organizations were redacted in the publicly available document, current and former bank officials have said Deutsche Bank has portions of Mr. Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns for multiple years as part of the reams of financial data it has collected over its two-decade relationship with him.

The bank’s lawyers also said Deutsche Bank “has such documents related to parties not named in the subpoenas but who may constitute ‘immediate family’ within the definition provided in the subpoenas.”"
"Deutsche Bank told a federal appeals court o... (show quote)

A bank that lent Trump money asked to see his tax returns for collateral? This is really astonishing news, Wahoo. Perhaps the impeachment proceedings should start right away.
Aug 26, 2019 13:41:24   #
Frank T wrote:
No problem Bearboy
For me to care what you think I'd have to respect you first.
Fat chance if that ever happening.

Why is it that I never learn anything of value from your comments?
Aug 26, 2019 13:13:20   #
BigBear wrote:
If you look at his motto of life, you can see that he's without morals and isn't worth responding to.

I just read it. Good point! I guess he thinks that is an admirable goal in life.
Aug 26, 2019 12:52:08   #
Frank T wrote:
I don't know. Trump said that Homelessness is a problem that started two years ago.
Assuming he's correct, the only major event I can think of is him becoming President.
Ergo, Trump must be responsible for homelessness or he's just an idiot.
You choose.

So he did, eh? Why don't you show us the exact quote to clarify this?
Aug 26, 2019 11:11:04   #
What a surprise! A Democrat blaming Republicans for the Democrat's own mess? Who would have thunk it?
Aug 25, 2019 04:54:03   #
SteveR wrote:
Yada yada you say...but he's the first one with enough cohones to do what must be done. Like he said, many Presidents should have taken on China but he ended up being the "chosen one."

Aug 25, 2019 04:51:56   #
BigBear wrote:
We won't ignore you, just torment you with all of our rich freedoms that you can only think about, but will never have. Then remind you that you have Puffy Trudeau to lead you to ... where ever you end up.

Aug 24, 2019 13:45:06   #
JohnFrim wrote:
I stand informed... the mayor is a democrat. But shouldn't this be a federal issue? When I learned a bit about plumbing I was always told water can go up but crap always goes downhill; i.e., it starts at the top.

Federal issue? Federal employees are not expected to show up in our cities with shovels and scoop up human poop. If they did, they would be doing much more valuable work than they are doing now. Our system, more than any other Democracy. was set up to give the most amount of control to local governments. That is why we have "States" and local jurisdictions. This is one of the main things that Conservatives try to "conserve" because we don't want a small group of people in Washington who do not know anything about us to dictate every little move that we make.

This is also why living conditions and laws can be drastically different depending on where you live in America. Without exception, all the big cities are run exclusively by Democrat-controlled administrations, and in probably most cases 100% Democrat controlled with no Republican representation whatsoever. Many of these big cities have not had a Republican mayor in more than 50 years.

Just as predictable as which political party runs the big cities are these facts:

1. The overwhelming majority of crime takes place in big cities. I think more than half of the total murders in America occur in just a few big cities. In 2016, 4.5% of murders in the U.S. occurred in just one city, Chicago. Chicago's population is less than 1% of the country, about .8% In the same year in the State pf Michigan, over half of the murders occurred in just one big city - Deetroit, whose population is just 7% of Michigan.

2. The vast majority of people on public welfare reside in big cities.

3. Almost the entirety of the homeless population live in big cities. Homelessness is exceedingly rare outside of big cities.

4. The public school systems in big cities are the worst, and their students routinely score not just below the National Average, or below rural cities, but often two or three grade levels below the average, and with appalling rates of dropping out.

5. Although drug usage is everywhere, the places where it is concentrated the most is - you guessed it - big cities, along with graft, corruption, and prostitution.

6. On the plus side, big cities have museums and sports teams.
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