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Sep 26, 2018 16:54:00   #
sailorsmom wrote:
These are just amazing, imageal! We have a painting of the one of the lighthouse on our living room wall; my hubby was up there before we got married and he actually watched the artist paint it! Maine is a beautiful state!

Glad you enjoyed them. Yes, Maine is beautiful and I'm glad the lighthouse rekindled memories.
Sep 26, 2018 16:51:51   #
smilenangler wrote:
Super shots...

Thank you!
Sep 26, 2018 16:50:17   #
RVTZ4 wrote:
Really great pics. Makes me miss the "down east" and Bah Harbor.

Thank you for the compliment! Doesn't "Harbor" in Maine vernacular have a couple more "a"s in it like " Haaabor?"
Sep 25, 2018 15:11:39   #
OOPS! This is "imageal."
Not being familiar with this posting routine since this is really my first time posting shots, I'm a bit at a loss on how to properly reply to, at last count, the over forty some odd replies made to my Acadia National Park views posted. I am overwhelmed by the many, many kind words and gracious comments. To all of you, I say THANK YOU!
To "fantom" commenting on the Bass Harbor Lighthouse shot, the first time I went there it was a squally, rainy day. Nevertheless, I climbed and clambered over rocks and boulders trying to get a good vantage point from the bottom of the steps/path down the cliff. All I kept seeing was a view obscured by trees. Went back the next morning and found that you had to climb over a small ridge at trails end before making a seaward turn and climbing over the boulders/rocks. Bingo, the route to a successful shot. Afterwards, I actually guided several people down that way so that they too could get the shot.
To "Linda from Maine," regarding no people in my shots of Sand Beach and Bar Harbor Inn, the shots were made later in the afternoon, and with patience till the scenes cleared. Besides, in the case of the Inn, it was cocktail-hour and everyone was enjoying themselves under the yellow umbrellas.
To "craig.j.tucker" I confess, there actually was post-processing used in the form of the originals being shot in CameraRaw and processed using the camera raw filter in Photoshop CC but no "effects" filters were used.
Thanks again everyone for taking the time to comment on my first visit to a wonderful destination.
Sep 25, 2018 14:28:38   #
Sep 25, 2018 14:26:22   #
Sep 24, 2018 16:57:03   #
These shots were taken in mid-June, 2018. All were shot with a NIKON 7100 camera, primarily using Nikon's 18-140 mm DX zoom. Additionally, a Tokina AT-X 116 Pro DX 11-16mm, f2.8 lens was used selectively. Mount Desert Island and throughout the Park are wonderful areas to shoot with a great shot no matter which way you turn. As a matter of fact, you have to restrain yourself from shooting for excessively long hours day-after-day by taking a step back and just enjoying the beautiful environment.
Photo 1– The iconic Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Sand Beach (ANPark) The only stretch of sand shoreline

Photo 3– Long Pond (ANPark)

Photo 4- Otter Cliffs area (ANPark)

Photo 5- Boulder Beach (ANPark)

Photo 6- Yes, there are plenty of beautiful flowers in Bar Harbor

Photo 7- Lobster equipment shack- (MDIsland}

Photo8- Moose crowns Main St. in Bar Harbor

Photo 9- Elegant waterfron hotel, Bar Harbor

Photo 10- Sunset from Schoodic Peninsula

Jun 28, 2018 17:15:26   #
Beautiful collection of blooms. Wow, they are sharp. What lens are you using?
May 31, 2018 16:21:28   #
Superbly done Mike. I especially like the last two shots, the vertical image, and the long-range last shot. Catching a reflection of the falls in the vertical adds a perfect touch. All shots in the series are "winners," but the two I've mentioned are from camera positions that I don't recall having seen before. Thank you so much for sharing. Stay strong young man. My best wishes go to you.
May 29, 2018 10:44:55   #
Go To the top of this window > click on "Search" > enter "Acadia National Park area. You will get a long list of posts about the area which will give you much info and even some photos taken there.
May 18, 2018 14:01:14   #
OMG! That image is gorgeous. Yes, please let us in on the details. I'm hoping to do a milky way image when traveling to a dark sky area in about 3 weeks.
May 12, 2018 17:58:07   #
Thanks so much for the post-processing info. Hopefully, I'll get lucky and have some clear weather/skies in Acadia.
May 12, 2018 12:16:13   #
treadwl wrote:
Thanks. The trick is in the post-processing.

Your shot is superb. Thank you for the post.

You said the trick is in post-processing. Would you care to share your process?

It is a bucket-list item for me to be able to get a milky-way shot which I hope to do in Acadia N. Park next month.
May 5, 2018 12:28:58   #
Since you are based in Delray Beach, FL, and I am in Ocala, FL, I would love to know the details of your trip. Are you flying to somewhere near Banff and renting a car? Are you driving all the way from Florida? Are you flying to a destination semi-near Banff, but still in the USA, etc.? I have long wanted to visit that area but have been unsure about the best way to do it.
Please advise when you have a minute. Thanks!
Apr 22, 2018 14:56:26   #
In my preceding post, I meant to give you a RAVE compliment on the sunset (photo 1). It is so dramatic, well composed and the color is outstanding.
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