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Feb 22, 2019 11:31:55   #
Feb 20, 2019 18:34:34   #
The 1st looks more natural to me.
Feb 20, 2019 14:34:05   #
Since the paper is touching the glass I would be VERY hesitant to remove it from the frame; the paper and/or ink my stick to the glass after that much time. Removing the glare from the glass may help readability and ease PP. To do that set the camera so that the sensor is parallel to the paper (use a tripod). Illuminate it with two identical lights, one on each side oriented at a 45 degree angle to the glass in an otherwise darkened room. Place polaroid sheets in front of the lights, both oriented at the same angle (you can check this be placing the polarizing material on top of each other and rotating them so that light passes through them and keeping them in that relative orientation). Place a polarizing filter over the lens and rotate it so that the glare off the glass is gone. To improve detail you may want to photograph it in overlapping sections (maintaining a constant distance from paper to camera) using manual exposure and then stitching them together as in a panorama. I hope I was clear enough. Let me know if you have any questions.
Feb 13, 2019 17:05:10   #
I don't know about the F2, but the Luna Pro uses PX13 or PX625 batteries. B&H cells a Wein MRB675 zinc-air battery that will work for $4.59. Being a zinc-air battery it will not last nearly as long as the original PX13 and may loose substantial charge over time even if not used.
Feb 12, 2019 11:56:09   #
I used lead bags. The brand name was Film Shield. Have not traveled with film lately so I'm not sure how TSA agents will react to an opaque block moving through their x-ray machines.
Feb 11, 2019 13:52:59   #
There are beluga whales in the St. Lawrence river but not as far up as the Great Lakes; I'm pretty sure that Niagara Falls will stop them. You may be able to see them near Quebec.
Jan 24, 2019 17:35:15   #
Try Bay Photo Lab ( They are local to where I live. I have used them for many years when I was shooting film and they did an outstanding job. I have not used them for inkjet prints but have heard they do excellent work. I did not see a listing for that exact size but sizes approximately that start at $200.
Jan 22, 2019 22:36:56   #
"Prior to this i would have been lying down in wet grass."

Done that many times.

I like the image a lot and that low angle is so good for so many close ups. A different angle that missed the out of focus diagonals behind the subject would be nice, if that were even possible.
Dec 31, 2018 21:17:40   #
Those are so funny. I teach a high school Anatomy and Physiology class and every year we have a lesson on reading x-rays. One of the x-rays shows a hand with a nail through one of the fingers. The caption reads "16-year-old boy was playing with a nail gun." Every year one of the girls just blurts out aloud (and completely out of context for most of the class), "Of course it's a boy!" I sure wish I had a copy of the x-ray.
Dec 28, 2018 11:54:16   #
Sears Tower 127
Minolta SRT-101
Yashicamat 124G (belonged to the school but I used it a lot)
Calumet 4x5 view camera, can't remember which model
Canon TX
Pentax Spotmatic II (also belonged to school but used every day)
Canon FTbn
Canon F-1n (x3) which I still have and occasionally use
Sony something forgettable, it was digital andhad so much shutter lag that I hated it and did not keep it for long
Canon 20d
Canon G10
Canon 40d
Dec 16, 2018 18:00:30   #
Thank-you for planting milkweed!!! We get monarchs here in the Monterey Bay area but also far fewer than before. We really need to do something about climate change before we loose any more beautiful creatures.
Dec 5, 2018 16:29:12   #
selmslie wrote:
… If you look at them closely they are not really washed out at all. It's the subject matter that is mostly light in color.

I too do not think they look washed out. The burned parts of the trees have areas that a nearly devoid of detail as they reach maximum black. I think they show the light as it is mid-day and I like it. I can feel the bright light and feel the warmth in the air.
Nov 29, 2018 18:19:58   #
Sodium arc lamps are yellow and mercury vapor lamps are green. The cause is the way light is produced by the sodium and mercury atoms they contain. If it either of these there is little you can do about the color as the light they produce is nearly monochromatic. If it is an older fluorescent type bulb with lots of mercury in it then white balance could help but that would shift the colors in the areas of the scene not illuminated by the light. In this case it would shift the sky toward magenta.
Nov 28, 2018 14:08:54   #
I would say #2 is a landscape. To me the subject is the environment in which a mill is located; a part of the landscape.
Nov 27, 2018 18:45:26   #
I think you have a euphorbia, not a cactus.
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