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Apr 13, 2018 09:23:51   #
I think that all the time. Photography, art, music. Then I try... Nice work!
Mar 31, 2018 11:08:47   #
weslake wrote:
I have $1000 to 1200 to spend on a camera and lense which is not a bunch. Open to all options new, used, refurbished. I would rate myself as an amateur who just knows enough to be dangerous. Just to give you an idea of what I have found on my own is a Nikon D7200 with a 28-140 lense.

I would like to have some input on a top 10 list in order of importance of what people look for in a camera and lense on a budget

I can’t give you a top 10 but I can tell you that I have the D7200 and love it. I got mine as a refurb from Adorama for $700. I also have a collection of decent Nikkor glass including 70-200 2.8, 200-500, 18-300 3.5-5.6 and several fast primes. My “everyday” lens is my 18-200 3.5-5.6VR. Paid $700 for it many years ago but you can find them for $200 on eBay. So, $900 get you the D7200, the 18-200 and a few hundred to spend on something else.
Mar 31, 2018 09:32:46   #
wormtownspawn wrote:
is though

Mar 25, 2018 14:23:19   #
PhotoPhred wrote:
I totally disagree,wkillham. What has become of originality. When I moved to my area 30 years ago, we had everything from 20 room mansions on many acres to nice little cape cod style homes on the same street. Over time most of the family farms have been turned into housing subdivisions where all the houses look the same, all the occupants make the around the same income. Nobody plays outside, the children have their "media" rooms to play video games. I can understand why you wouldn't want neighbors to construct shacks or burn trash in the yard, but most townships have codes preventing this type of activity. One of my neighbors stated at a township meeting regarding the construction of one of these communities that they are restriction the community to only people of a certain economic status. I can't imagine living someplace where someone I don't even know tells me what kind of plants I can grow or what color I can paint the trim on my home. Take your HOA and stuff it.
I totally disagree,wkillham. What has become of o... (show quote)

I have no problem with people not liking HOA’s. We all have choices. I do have a problem with people who choose to live in a community that has an HOA, refuse to follow the rules and then blame the HOA. Kind of like blaming the school when your child gets in trouble for breaking the rules...
Mar 25, 2018 10:16:16   #
Those that are trashing HOA’s are representative of many of the problems with society today. You join a community agreeing to comply with their rules and then blame the enforcers. Not unlike a smoker insisting on smoking in the middle of the non-smoking section ...
Mar 24, 2018 11:13:36   #
GeorgeH wrote:
Certainly. I assume that the seller had to adjust the price.

The Home cannot be sold until the lein is released. That is what so many people do not understand. Was that silly battle over the color you wanted to paint your mailbox worth it when you discover at closing that your house cannot be sold until you pay off that HOA lein? It happens all the time.
Mar 24, 2018 11:08:22   #
TMcL wrote:
Trouble is that some HOAs make up the "rules" as they go along. Some years ago, I got written up because the house numbers on my mailbox did not meet the approved design guidelines. Trouble is there are no guidelines for house numbers. What they meant was that the did not match all the other house numbers put in by the builder when the homes were constructed about 10 years ago. You would have thought that replacing worn out plastic numbers with new brass ones would be considered an improvement, not a violation.
Trouble is that some HOAs make up the "rules&... (show quote)

This is an entirely different situation. There are procedures in covenants for changes that are generally difficult to do without majority consensus of the community. Usually 75% of homeowners. architectural guidelines are usually easier to change and often just need a majority vote at a meeting. The people that “hate” HOA’s and call them every name in the book, fail to realize that they are the ones failing to keep a legally binding agreement. That is not on the HOA.
Mar 23, 2018 15:25:03   #
GeorgeH wrote:
There was a case in Gwinnett County in the Atlanta GA a few years ago which exemplifies what can happen when HOAs run amok. While I don't recall all the details, it went something like this: A homeowner put a pink plastic flamingo in his front yard, for what reason who knows. After a week or so the HOA told him to take it down. He said no. They slapped a fine on him. They kept fining him, IIRC eventually totaling perhaps $15,000 and filed a lien on the house. Eventually the homeowner sold and moved away. I don't know how the purchaser handled the lien. I suppose the HOA felt that to ignore the bird would be starting down a slippery slope.... When my sister and her husband had some serious remodeling done their contractor put a pink flamingo in their front hard, said it was for good luck. He did a lovely job, so perhaps a pink bird is what is needed....
There was a case in Gwinnett County in the Atlanta... (show quote)

I guess he showed them! The HOA was right. It’s call setting a precedent. If they let that slide, then something else and next thing you know, they’ve lost their ability to enforce anything. If you don’t like a rule, lobby to have it changed but like it or not, those HOA covenants are tied to the deed of your home.
Mar 23, 2018 10:13:08   #
dpfoto wrote:
HOA's seem to think they are the Gestapo! I hope I NEVER have to live anywhere there's an HOA (OR Condo Ass.). BOTH should be outlawed, IMHO.

No one “has to”. You “choose to”. If you choose to, and refuse to comply with the regulations that you agreed in writing to comply with, you are the problem, not the HOA.

How so many people sign documents agreeing to HOA covenants and then want to break them is beyond me. Maybe they could not resist moving into the community because it was so nice. Make the choice to buy in a community without HOA.
Mar 23, 2018 08:59:11   #
I’ve honestly never understood why people cannot follow the rules! Read the guidelines before you sign and if you don’t like them, don’t buy there. Imagine being the person who moves in because they like the rules and then find that they are not enforced.
Mar 19, 2018 16:27:50   #
jaycoffman wrote:
I have the same dilemma on my Nikon d7100 and hope to resolve it this week. I will be renting the Tamron 18-400 and shooting for a day switching back and forth between my Tamron 16-300 and the rental Tamron 18-400. I will specially be looking at macro type situations as that's one area the 16-300 is supposed to be better. I'll also be trying to determine if the additional 100mm is worth buying a new lens. On my crop camera I expect it will make a significant difference but I must see it for myself before I decide.

Just be sure you know why you need (or want--GAS and all) the extra 100mm because if you don't know that then you're probably fine with your 16-300. I want it for African safari and my last trip to Africa convinced me I need more reach but I can't afford the extra weight or to change lenses in the field. Enjoy the hunt.
I have the same dilemma on my Nikon d7100 and hope... (show quote)

I rented the 18-400 for my D7200. I loved it. It focused faster that my 18-200 Nikkor or my 70-200/f2.8. It also had less distortion at 200 than the 70-200. I opted for a used 18-300 3.5-5.6 Nikkor since I like heavy expensive stuff that says Nikon on the front. The only issue with the Tamron was the stabilization. The image shakes around in the viewfinder briefly which took some getting used to.
Mar 19, 2018 16:21:55   #
Joe Blow wrote:
That is an unfair response. The OP asked because they are looking for an answer to a question they have.

I wish there was a “like” button. The snarky responses are really turning me off to this forum.
Mar 12, 2018 08:34:25   #
Feb 23, 2018 21:22:59   #
I bought a used 70-200 2.8VR from them. Lens was fairly priced, shipped quickly, well packed and in better condition than they claimed. I would buy from them again without hesitation.
Feb 17, 2018 10:55:37   #
Look at life through one perspective? Not me. I prefer to see life with an 18-200 perspective. Sometimes I really open my mind and go 200-500.
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