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Dec 13, 2013 19:03:59   #
Been here about a week now and have had a chance to spend a little time checking out the main photo forum and some of the other resources here at UHH. Just want to say how impressed I am at the sense of community and the number of really encouraging posts I've seen. Many forums have professional haters abounding, but it seems that this place has found a way to rise above that. I've been taking pictures for years, many times while doing mission work in Mexico and more recently in Kenya, just doing what felt right and doing an adequate job. I have a computer repair business in Austin, Texas and know that I can master the technical details of cameras and of the software that I continue to learn, like Lightroom 5, Photomatix Pro and Photoshop Elements. And I do believe that even someone without an artist's eye (that's me) can get better and better with more practice and studying the efforts of those more gifted than myself. I've progressed from point and shoots, to super zoom cameras over the past 10 years or so. They were mostly Nikons and I swore that I would never be that guy carrying a DSLR, tripod and horror of horrors, a lens for each and every purpose! I got a Nikon D5200 last summer and now I'm THAT guy. I've become a voracious reader of all things photographic and spend a fair amount of time looking at how-to videos and am even reading camera and lens manuals. It's scary, I'm starting to understand a fair amount of what I read now. I consider myself a serious amateur who got a late start, I'm going on 62. Anyway, I'm looking forward to posting some of my better efforts, being comfortable in knowing that the criticism and kudos heading my way will, for the most part, be genuine and will be given in a spirit conducive to learning and taking it to the next level. For my part, I will jump in, be constructive and help where I can make a difference. I'm glad I found UHH. Thanks for having me.
Dec 11, 2013 08:27:30   #
MtnMan wrote:
Yes, the lens manuals reinforce not taking off the lens but it really isn't a big deal. First, it does NOT mean when you have the VR switch turned on. It means when VR is actually working; i.e. you have the camera on and shutter half way depressed so it actively focusing. Even then it doesn't break anything. It is just a caution that the lens might rattle till you get it back on and working.

I think is a bad idea to take the lens off with the camera turned on anyway.

I did look at the manual and that is what it says. I think you're right about no blood, no foul. I don't take lenses off with the camera on anyway because my understanding is there may be a static charge on the sensor that could attract dust and dirt. As a computer repair guy, I usually don't take computers apart while they are plugged in either. Go figure!

But I haven't seen anything about not turning the camera off with VR on. It would take some interesting movement to do that but I don't think it would cause a problem.
Yes, the lens manuals reinforce not taking off the... (show quote)
Dec 10, 2013 15:26:33   #
MtnMan wrote:
A much better choice for the D5200 is the 18-300. It is made for DX cameras. The lower end wide angle means you'll almost never want to take it off.

It is a bit less expensive than the 28-300, and last spring Nikon had a sale on it for $300 off. I doubt they'll do that again but you might keep an eye out.

Thanks, what should I expect to pay? I moved up from the kit 55-200 to the 55-300 from a fellow photog for $265 and thought I did all right at that price, almost all of the American 5 year warranty was left on it.
Dec 10, 2013 08:41:50   #
I'm a computer repair guy and have seen the crushed look on someone's face when their one and only backup has died. I would recommend a rotation of two drives and keep the one not in use off site at a friend's house. If a fire or other disaster occurs, having both drives in one place is not so good. Also, I use Carbonite because it is still unlimited in the amount it will backup. They will backup most photo formats except for RAW, due to the size. So, you do need external drives at least for your RAW files unless you want to pay a fortune for storage. That's my 2 cents...
Dec 9, 2013 11:10:58   #
Thanks so much. I have an external bulb timer and am looking forward to getting proficient with that too. I'd like to do star trails, but will have to travel outside of Austin to get away from light pollution. I do travel a lot to Africa and have a blog that details my mission work and photo safaris. It can be found by searching for the phrase "notes from the mission field". I captured about two thirds of the wildlife and nature photos for my team on the last trip as I experiments with a 55-300 Nikkor lens. Hope you like them.
Dec 8, 2013 12:42:47   #
Thanks to you and everyone else here at the forum that has been so friendly and ready to help. I'll try all of these tips out. I just knew I was a few simple settings away! And, I'll try to pay-it-forward to anyone out there that I can help...
Dec 7, 2013 18:26:57   #
I have been using a D5200 for about 6 months now and like to do bracketed exposures. I post process them in Photomatix and Lightroom 5 into HDR compositions. I use a tripod and a wireless remote when doing night time city skyline 3 shot RAW exposures and still get a little bit of vibration, possible from the movement of the mirror, even though I wait a second or two between each shot. Would putting the camera into Liveview eliminate this? Also, doesn't working in Liveview change which algorithm is used for autofocus? Finally, would turning VR and autofocus off on my lens also help eliminate vibration? Thanks for any ideas...
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