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Dark Room for sale - pick up in Southern California only!
Feb 18, 2013 13:15:28   #
jeep_daddy Loc: Prescott AZ
Beseler 23CIII-XL -

Beseler 35mm negative carrier for 23C Enlargers

Beseler Audibel Repeating Enlarging timer

Gralab 300 Electro-Mechanical Darkroom Timer 120vac

Peak 2020 Enlarging Focuser Model 2

Developing Tray 8x10 3ea

Developing Tray 16x20 3ea

Calumet Bamboo Print Tongs 6ea

Calumet Rollcut 24" (61cm) Safety Trimmer 36"

Thomas Super Safelight 35 watt -

Premier Paper Safe 12x16

Calumet Print washer 12 slots

4 shelf Print drying rack

6' long photo developing sink - you remove and haul away.

Some of this stuff is still available new. The enlarger alone sells at B&H for $989, the negative carrier $106, the timer $216, the other timer $167, focuser $182, trays $7-$20, safelight $100, print washer $300, safe $50, drying rack $??? These are approximate "new" values.

I will part with all of it for $300 Take all or part but the price is $300 firm. All equipment is like new with a lot of dust on it since it hasn't been used in years. This is available for pick up in Thousand Oaks California only. No boxing and shipping. I can't be bothered. If nobody wants this, I'll take the tax write-off and donate it to charity.

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Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
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