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NYC Party/Wedding Photographer
Nov 1, 2011 05:54:43   #
Upcoming Wedding, Sweet 16, 65 Birthday party. Thought you could not hire a photographer because of cost. Contact me. I can provide what you need at a reasonable cost. WWW.BB-PHOTOGRAHY.ORG. There is a 'CONTACT ME' link at the bottom.


Nov 1, 2011 14:21:17   #
nimster64 Loc: Chicago
How you doing Bobbee? I am in chicago Il. I also do these type of events. been doing it for 2 years now but it has slowed down alot. whats your advice as far as priceing goes? can I get a sample of your price sheet? we also do portraits and family pics. I know we should concentrate on one but the way I see it is if the customer wants it we will provide it. Any advice for a fellow Photographer that is trying to better the buisness would be greatly apreciated = )


Nov 4, 2011 20:45:51   #
AliceTrask Loc: Union, MO, US
I've always had a hard time setting prices. I certainly can't compete with Walmart studios but I can't see charging $20 or more for an 8x10. I've tried packages and people want individual...I've had strictly individual and people ask about packages. Lately I've started charging $100 for a session fee for a small family or senior session and then giving them a $50 print credit. So far that seems to be well received and my lab doesn't charge that much for prints so I'm not hurting there. Any other suggestions?

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