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Ken Rockwell OM-1 Review and User guide
May 26, 2023 22:00:57   #
moonhawk Loc: Land of Enchantment
As expected (Because he already said as much) he is very impressed:

"The OM-1 is a great choice for people who love fast frame rates, state-of-the-art computational photography like handheld Pixel-Shift high-resolution shooting, handheld HDR, handheld Focus Stacking and more..."


User guide:

I am sure he has dug up a lot of useful info I'm not already familiar with.

May 27, 2023 06:15:52   #
camerapapi Loc: Miami, Fl.
The OM-1 is a great camera. I do not own one nor have I used one but I have read reviews online and each reviewer was very impressed with the camera, as Mr Rockwell has been.
At $2000 it is cheaper than a Z9 or a Z8. I am not familiar with Canon prices so I will not make any comments in that respect. Their professional lens lineup is also impressive. Instead of using the professional 40-150 f4 or f2.8, excellent optics by the way, I use the consumer kit lens of the same focal lengths f4-5.6 because it gives me excellent images at a fraction of the price and in addition it is light and easy to carry. I have never been disappointed at the images made with the kit lens.

If I had to make a choice now it would be the OM-1 the camera of my choice.

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