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Some Scanned Slides from 25-40 yrs ago
Sep 1, 2011 19:54:36   #
Ray Bullock Loc: Redding, CA
Some shots taken at airshows a few decades ago.

Sep 2, 2011 10:09:23   #
I am impressed... mostly with the fact that you scanned slides and got those results. I tried scanning slides... my printer had an attachment.. and all I got were some silly little photos of slides with which I could do nothing.

What is the secret of how you did that? And how large can you enlarge them? I don't think my new printer even has that capability.

Sep 2, 2011 10:54:12   #
Photoshop helps with improving old negatives and slides, but great shots in the beginning helps a lot more

Sep 2, 2011 12:41:43   #
GlensLens Loc: Davenport, IA, US
Nice work on the convertions.
Let me guess... Kodachrome 64...No, wait Ektachrome 125???
Love the color saturation in the first photo.

Sep 2, 2011 12:47:46   #
Ray Bullock Loc: Redding, CA
I used an inexpensive scanner I bought online through Costco. I think it was about $80. It took me a couple weeks at 6+ hours per day to scan some 2500+ slides.

It will also scan negatives and automatically converts them. Bye lots of cans of air to clean them up ahead of time.

Sep 2, 2011 12:49:06   #
Ray Bullock Loc: Redding, CA
Yes it was Kodachrome weapon of choice for years.
Negatives were okay but I felt it left too much up to the lab to mess up.

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