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Want to think "Shooting Manual" is Old School !!
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May 27, 2023 11:32:48   #
R.G. wrote:
The only difference between M+AutoISO and fully manual is that with fully manual you have to keep an eye on the camera's meter scale to keep the exposure right. If you want a neutral exposure you keep the highlighted segment central, if you want + or - EC you keep the correct number of highlighted segments lit above or below the centre (which will involve counting). With fully manual your attention has to be kept on the meter scale, whereas with M+AutoISO the camera does the "looking" for you, leaving you to concentrate on other more important things.

If you want EC while in M+AutoISO, dial it in at the start or if it needs changing on the hoof, a button plus adjustment wheel is all that's needed (for most cameras). Set it then forget it - no constant distractions involved.

When using M+AutoISO you don't have to target base ISO - you can float it a few steps up from that (0.3 or 0.5 stops per step) so if the brightness changes suddenly you don't risk the ISO bottoming out. And despite the fact that ISO is floating, you still control it with your choice of shutter speed (and/or EC).
The only difference between M+AutoISO and fully ma... (show quote)

You can easily set the auto ISO range in my Sony cameras so it doesn't go higher or lower than you want.

Sports shooters using auto ISO just set the auto ISO range and forget it, knowing that they wont exceed their chosen upper limit. You can add EC if you wish or not.

Cheers and best to you.

May 27, 2023 11:46:30   #
Blues Dude
Longshadow wrote:
I have no "most efficient setup". It all depends on the subject matter and effect desired.

Knowing all aspects of your camera will allow you to use it most efficiently.

Totally agree.

May 28, 2023 15:28:52   #
MrBob Loc: lookout Mtn. NE Alabama
pesfls wrote:
You misunderstood. The blower is a gas engine (clear always). An yes we have both a 6500W and 3500W generator. Of course that requires fuel availability. Our electricity is through a coop and have always been highly diligent and responsive. But they rely on BPA so there’s that.

As to Newsome, there’s an old saying here that most have forgotten, “Don’t Californicate Oregon”. Not meaning to offend anyone with that bit of local history, it’s just the truth.

Maybe we could have a debate on how thick the feces is on the streets of Portland or San Francisco... Ted Wheeler is driving them out by the droves to neighboring states... Is there something in the water you all drink on the W. Coast. ? I think Portland has already been Californicated...

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