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Cell phone case
Mar 17, 2023 13:02:31   #
pmorin Loc: Huntington Beach, Palm Springs
A friend of mine was having dinner with us last nite and she had a new cell phone case that I found very unique and unusual. Not sure where she got it but a search would probably help me find it. It even has a neck strap for carrying it around.

Mar 17, 2023 13:36:37   #
goldenyears Loc: Lake Osewgo

Mar 17, 2023 14:01:39   #
DWU2 Loc: Phoenix Arizona area
Looks like the shutter button might actually work.

Mar 17, 2023 17:06:23   #
pmorin Loc: Huntington Beach, Palm Springs
DWU2 wrote:
Looks like the shutter button might actually work.

Yup, the button pushes and the knob turns

Mar 18, 2023 07:44:32   #
barneyanne Loc: Alabama
$9.99 on Amazon

Mar 18, 2023 08:04:03   #
bobmcculloch Loc: NYC, NY

Mar 18, 2023 08:20:23   #
Scruples Loc: Brooklyn, New York
I found it too. It’s made by CASETIFY. It looks nice but I prefer my OtterBox. No matter if I drop it, the screen never cracks!

Mar 18, 2023 11:29:56   #
LDB415 Loc: Houston south suburb
Another source but for any iPhone model, not just the 14.

Mar 18, 2023 12:03:35   #
bobforman Loc: Anacortes, Washington State

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