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AMAZING Double Exposures with Blend If in Photoshop 2023
Feb 24, 2023 17:54:58   #
Barn Owl
Recently, I have found a YouTube, “AMAZING Double Exposures with Blend If in Photoshop” by f64 Academy. The video encouraged me to try some editing to create double exposures. I can’t be certain but as is the predicable expectation on digital editing in Photoshop, the lecture is for Mac and not Windows. I was able to decipher enough of the directives to discover the unique possibilities that the Blending Options provide. The main areas of interest for me were : Blend Mode—Opacity slider; Advanced Blending –Fill Opacity and down below with the sliders for Current Layer slider, and Underlying layer slider. After raising my “learning curve” for use of the procedures, I fully intend to combine two photos: one of a relative, who has passed. The image will be of the person when he/she was still younger with a background of the person when he/she was involved with a hobby or activity which the subject endeared. When done correctly, the double exposure process allows an image to be produced that has nearly a spiritual theme…One that nullifies only a memory of a person in the vacancies of advance illness or aging.

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