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Weekly Challenge - January 22 - 27: “How I Improve My Mood and Keep ‘Warm’ in Winter"
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Jan 29, 2023 21:20:52   #
junglejim1949 Loc: Sacramento,CA
joecichjr wrote:
*****Please do not post in this challenge until Monday January 22*****

Our task this week is to photographically show how you keep your mood up during the, at times, awesomely bad weather 90% of us experience at this time of year (If your weather is California- or Florida-like fret not. Show us what is available to you which might not be in other seasons).

A search on Google notes that “warm” can refer to: “having, showing, or expressive of enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.” In other words, warm can be physical, emotional, or maybe even spiritual. Let the Google definition be your guide.

Personally, winter is not a big problem for me unless my snow blower is inoperable - and we get two feet of snow!

Because it is often cloudy and dark for long stretches in our wintry Chicago-area, I seek places, normally indoors, where I can find nature thriving or other subjects of interest. It gives me solace and keeps my hope in bloom! I’m betting that just as there are many members of UHH online, so too are there many ways of generating this “warmth” in the season.

Enjoy your posting

The first place I visit is called Hauserman Orchids, in Villa Park, IL. It's 4 acres indoors of every kind of orchid you can imagine - and they don't mind at all if you take pictures
*****Please do not post in this challenge until Mo... (show quote)

Love the last two Joe

Jan 29, 2023 23:13:14   #
Rolk Loc: South Central PA
William wrote:
hey Joe where you g@

Pg 29 - Oh, nice! I like the way you think/play/share!

Jan 29, 2023 23:19:20   #
William Loc: Mississippi
Rolk wrote:
Pg 29 - Oh, nice! I like the way you think/play/share!


Jan 30, 2023 08:25:57   #
ecobin Loc: Paoli, PA
Joe, you're moving around so much that you'll over-heat!
Excellent photo - love them all!

Jan 31, 2023 07:38:12   #
junglejim1949 Loc: Sacramento,CA
joecichjr wrote:
I try to hit several car museums since they exhibit such great design, color, and beauty. This is from the Laporte County Museum in Laporte, Indiana.

These autos have great design 👌

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