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Are amateurs welcome?
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Dec 18, 2022 08:47:47   #
AntonioReyna Loc: Los Angeles, California
good eye. We are all amateurs.

Dec 18, 2022 13:13:46   #
lukevaliant Loc: gloucester city,n. j.
great shots,,welcome

Dec 19, 2022 09:41:55   #
afsalvo Loc: Westbrook, Maine
Sakwes wrote:
I've looked at several posts and it looks to me as though I am no where near as good at photgraphy as the rest of you are.

I'll post a few of my photos to see what the rest of you think, do I belong here or not?

Most definitely, amateurs are welcome. We are all "learning" to be better photographers. Your group is terrific. I especially like the sunset fisherman. Keep at it.

Dec 19, 2022 14:15:41   #
ski Loc: West Coast, USA
Yes. Welcome aboard.

Dec 21, 2022 17:03:11   #
SX2002 Loc: Adelaide, South Australia
Welcome, it's all about having fun and enjoying yourself whatever level you are at or choose to achieve..

Dec 21, 2022 19:34:59   #
ski Loc: West Coast, USA
One thing do not take offense of some comments on your work. There are some members that are highly critical and sometimes out of place on their comments.

Dec 27, 2022 12:05:56   #
jjanovy Loc: Lincoln, Nebraska
The one with the dragonflies is truly unusual. Good work!

Jan 31, 2023 08:34:41   #
DickC Loc: NE Washington state
Welcome aboard!!

Feb 23, 2023 20:00:13   #
Blenheim Orange Loc: Michigan
You definitely belong here.

Feb 25, 2023 12:33:40   #
You live in a wonderful part of the World. Welcome.As far as learning goes, my feeling is that I will still be learning when they plant me.

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