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PS Compositing website and latest magazine
Jul 19, 2022 17:39:33   #
waltnetto Loc: LaVerne, CA
PS Compositing website and latest magazine

Been seeing some nice UHH composite posts lately and thought those folks posting their work might be interested in this combo of links.
(apologies if this has already been visited any number of times.)

July '22 magazine:


Jul 19, 2022 17:41:42   #
Fotoartist Loc: Detroit, Michigan

Jul 19, 2022 18:45:55   #
SoHillGuy Loc: Washington
So many have so much talent and time to spend at it.

Jul 20, 2022 00:05:44   #
Curmudgeon Loc: SE Arizona
Thanks, going to the bookmark list

Jul 20, 2022 07:11:41   #
Fstop12 Loc: Kentucky
Thanks for the link. I think they also have back issues you can see. Great magazines if you need a little inspiration. The PhotoArtistic Life site have some good courses.

Jul 20, 2022 08:04:01   #
Tdearing Loc: Rockport, TX
Excellent, thank you.

Jul 20, 2022 22:38:28   #
It's OK. Have seen better sites. Worth a look at...thanks!

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