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Black and White Photography
Welcome to Black and White Photography
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Jul 13, 2022 10:27:57   #
CHG_CANON Loc: the Windy City
Black and White (B/W or B&W) images combine black and white in a continuous spectrum, producing a range of shades of grey. As the section Moderator I'd like to welcome your creativity and input to create and maintain an active UHH subsection. We'll be a bit liberal on B&W, where Blue, Sepia, Gold coloring that still yield a monochrome image will be acceptable for sharing results. Selective coloring and just ignoring the idea of B&W when posting example images will be removed, as many other UHH sections exist for sharing those images.

Black and white photography has been popular since the early days, when cameras would only take these images and were unable to interpret colors. Many Fine Art Photographers continue to prefer black and white images for the tendency to distance the subject matter from reality. With black and white images, the colors are gone and the details are more apparent. With a lack of distractions, you can focus completely on the subject and you notice every tiny little thing.

This UHH group is open to all levels, and for B&W digital and film alike. Please do be mindful and remember there are many who are always striving to be better and may wish your help, advice or critiques. Please help others as you would wish to be helped.

All of the general rules of the site apply to the Black and White Photography section.

- Paul Sager aka chg_canon

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Black and White Photography
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