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Jul 7, 2022 04:44:24   #
AWondrasek4953 Loc: Lake Metigoshe, ND
I’m a military brat. My father served 24 yrs in the Army. He served in WW II & Korea. We, my dad, mother, & I lived in Igloo after the War. I was about 4 yrs old. The most significant thing I remember is the red phone on a table. If it rang, there was a problem in the bunker storage area ,& my dad was gone in a flash. I served 27 yrs in the Army & would love any pictures you can share. Additionally, I would love your the old base as I have pictures of me, dad, mom in front of the house we lived in. Thank you. 460 N. Lake Park Rd., Bottineau, ND 58318 701-228-8896

Jul 7, 2022 06:11:30   #
Welcome to the forum and thank you and your family for your service! Would like to see the old photos you have, and any new ones you might be taking.

Jul 7, 2022 06:27:05   #
AWondrasek4953 Loc: Lake Metigoshe, ND
Thank you for your response. Presently, I'm in Germany visiting family. When I get home I will scan photos I have and send to

Jul 7, 2022 06:45:24   #
JRiepe Loc: Southern Illinois
Welcome to the forum and THANK YOU for your military service.

Jul 7, 2022 07:11:08   #
bobmcculloch Loc: NYC, NY
Welcome to the HOG!

Jul 7, 2022 08:15:55   #
Longshadow Loc: Audubon, PA, United States
Welcome to the forum.

Jul 7, 2022 10:43:05   #
kpmac Loc: Ragley, La
Welcome. Post and have fun.

Jul 7, 2022 16:22:55   #
luvmypets Loc: Born & raised Texan living in Fayetteville NC
Hello and welcome!!


Jul 7, 2022 18:52:53   #
Grump's Photos Loc: Dunedin FL
Col. Wondrasek, Thanks for your service, and WELCOME HOME! Hope that you get many pictures of the old base.
Andy - U.S.Army - August 12, 1966 thru August 11, 1970
Been there.......done that.......!

Jul 8, 2022 05:52:57   #
roxiemarty Loc: Florida
Welcome, and thank you to you and your family for their service! I had a family of 3 girls in Scouting with the same last name. Not one I hear very often. They all went through the GS program in our area of Florida.

Jul 8, 2022 06:32:13   #
joehel2 Loc: Cherry Hill, NJ
Welcome to the forum. Thank you for your service.

Jul 8, 2022 08:20:11   #
jerryc41 Loc: Catskill Mts of NY
Welcome to our forum!

Jul 8, 2022 12:16:35   #
Earnest Botello Loc: Hockley, Texas
Welcome to the Forum, Al, thank you for your service, enjoy.

Jul 8, 2022 13:40:30   #
Bultaco Loc: Aiken, SC
Welcome to the forum, 22 yrs SF, SGM.

Jul 8, 2022 17:56:43   #
dennis2146 Loc: Eastern Idaho
Welcome aboard Colonel. I look forward to seeing your photographs.


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