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A few more photos....
Aug 31, 2011 18:31:15   #
Ray Bullock Loc: Redding, CA
Comments, carps and kudos welcome :-D

Aug 31, 2011 19:14:16   #
rocco_7155 Loc: Connecticut/Louisiana
I love the first two shots, both can be exceedingly hard to capture. I like the 3rd one also but it could benefit from a gold reflector just to the right/front of the bottle or a small fill light or flash in the same position. you got the glass perfectly so overall light is right. Still lifes are all about counterposed light. Nice job!

Aug 31, 2011 19:22:19   #
Ray Bullock Loc: Redding, CA
Thx Rocco for the tip!

Aug 31, 2011 20:09:56   #
The 2nd is my FAVORITE! love that shot the 3rd makes me thirsty ;) but pretty cool shot n the 1st one i like as well!

Sep 1, 2011 23:02:03   #
Rich Loc: Titusville, Fl
I really like your photos, the deer would benefit from a little cropping to remove the vertical branch from the left side of the photo. Same with the second photo, I might have broken off the stem to the left of the dandelion and the smaller one on the right side. That being said both photos are really good.
My only comment about the beer photo is that the name of the beer should have been "flat tire" because all the beer was out of the bottle. Great photo.

Sep 1, 2011 23:34:01   #
Tx Snapper Loc: SC Tx
kramer96003 wrote:
Comments, carps and kudos welcome :-D

The weed seed top is very nice. I hope it is a crop so you can add a little for matting. I would want it in the frame showing just the way it is. (I’d clone out that little distraction to the lower right though.)

The Beer shot has some interesting elements to. I agree that the label could use a little light on it. The base of the bottle reflecting off the glass top adds some cool interest. I would keep working on this idea, 4 or 5 more Fat Tires and your fotos will probably start looking really good.

Keep on snap'n...... 8-)

Sep 2, 2011 12:55:10   #
Ray Bullock Loc: Redding, CA
Thx for the help all...

Hahaha....four or five more Fat Tires and I will need a tri-pod at the very least!!!!

Sep 3, 2011 00:11:04   #
Kenny Loc: Oregon
I think the deer gets lost by the busy background. Try knocking out the deer and blurring the background. I think that would make the deer really pop out.

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