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Looking for a copy of Lumapix Fotofusion 4 or 5
Mar 17, 2022 16:38:54   #
Years ago I bought Lumapix Fotofusion and dutifully upgraded it periodically until Version 5. I used it for creating wedding albums but after a heart attack I stopped photographic weddings and went into fraternity and sorority photography. Lumapix was good for that too. As time went on Lumapix went from a stand alone program to a cloud based program and I opted out staying with my tried and true stand alone copy. As in all things business dropped off and I haven't used the program for at least 10 years. Then out of the clear blue someone asked about school composites and I remembered my good ole copy of Lumapix that had to be residing on one of my 8 hard drives. After searching for an hour or two I finally found it but of course when I typed in my user name and Password nothing happened. The program has gone through a few incarnations but is only cloud based and I have no desire to pay for a years worth of service when I only intend to use it once. Since the software I need is more than 10 years old I was hoping someone might have and old copy on a disk some place. I will be happy to pay for it I just don't want to be paying a rather hefty monthly fee for something I'm going to use once. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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