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Professional and Advanced Portraiture
Portrait no. 003
Dec 31, 2021 20:20:48   #
WirtzWorld Loc: SE WI
Another portrait of Amoreena. Shot in my studio with alien bees b1600s x 3
Canon 5 DS R
24/105f4l IS USM
F/10 1/100 ISO 100

Jan 1, 2022 09:27:44   #
gwong1 Loc: Tampa, FL
Reminds me of Nicle Kidman.

Jan 1, 2022 09:27:50   #
camerapapi Loc: Miami, Fl.
Another nice portrait. This one has nicer skin color than the last one I saw.

Jan 1, 2022 18:26:12   #
Old Edmundo
More like Reese Witherspoon, but prettier than both.

Jan 1, 2022 23:18:03   #
E.L.. Shapiro Loc: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
As I stated previously, all of these images in this series are good portraiture. There is not much traffic on in this section so I hope that the folks who post here are enjoying it. Since, however, this is the advanced portraiture section, I would like to see the posters that are showing their image to talk about their approaches and techniques as per style, lighting, lighting detail such as feathering, choice of short or broad positions, angle of incidents effects, etc, lens choice, relating to the subject, etc.

Any member can show ther work in the more popular sections, get good comments, the occasional critique, or likes and dislikes but in this section, I was hoping from more detailed conversations, more than camera brand and a few exposure details.

As a manager, I have no strict rules about revealing or discussing all this information. Everyone is welcome to post and comment as they wish but it would be better and a more unique section if we drilled down a bit more. We are not overly trafficked and the is plenty of time and space to carry on constructive and interesting discussions.

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