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Kaleidoscopic Ginger
Dec 31, 2021 19:47:32   #
Don Schaeffer Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Ginger adds a nice flavor edge to food. It also makes beautiful abstract patterns when you move through the cell structure in the microscope. It's like a crystal forest with cells that squeeze over and around each other with grace.

Jan 1, 2022 23:16:52   #
DougS Loc: Central Arkansas
I like the taste, too, lol. It does make for some interesting patterns. I noticed some movement(s), I assume some were bacteria, and others were due possibly, to desiccation?
I can't blame you for staying close to the microscope! We passed thru the south side of Manitoba 5 years ago this month. It was 'only' around -10F (-22C). We did get to experience -35F (-37C) when we arrived in Alaska.

Jan 2, 2022 03:37:41   #
Don Schaeffer Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
We get those temps for about a month every winter. The microscope has become a habit. Thanks for writing.

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