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Trusted Doctor
Nov 25, 2021 11:39:05   #
Kraken Loc: Barry's Bay
A man takes his wife to the doctor for an annual checkup. When the doctor calls the woman in, she turns to her husband and says, “Let’s go Harold.”

The husband dutifully follows her into the doctor’s examination room. The doctor says, “Mrs. Sanders, I have been practicing medicine for 35 years and built a very honorable reputation. You can certainly trust me."

The wife replies, “Oh I trust you, doctor. It’s my husband I don’t trust with your pretty receptionist out there.”

Nov 25, 2021 14:04:02   #
napabob Loc: Napa CA

Nov 26, 2021 13:59:28   #
sb Loc: Florida's East Coast
I had a couple who were patients who, the first time when the husband came in when she had her annual exam, I thought maybe it was a trust issue - although I always had a nurse in the exam room when I examined patients. Then it was time for HIS exam, and she came in and was present for his prostate "finger-wave" exam. So it was not a trust issue - they were just strange ..... or maybe it had some entertainment value for them. They were the only couple in 30+ years of practice who did this, though. I have never felt that I needed to go with my wife for her physical, and she has never suggested that she come with me. Although we have valued each other's presence when seeing specialists to discuss surgery, etc..

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