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Used preAF Nikon equipment downsizing
Sep 10, 2021 13:49:35   #
CusopDingle Loc: central CT
Selling off most of my Cameras, no history of of pro use, smokers, other potential abuses. All well-maintained, and have been in active use by me so I know they all work correctly.

Currently to sell:

Nikkormat FT with 5cm Nikkor-S f/2, camera is 8/10, lens is 5/10, recent CLA

Nikkormat EL with 50mm Nikkor-S f/1.4, camera and lens are both 9.5 /10 (near new appearing.

Nikon F Photomic FTn “Apollo”, recent CLA, 8/10

Nikon F3, nonHP viewfinder, with 50mm Nikkor f/2 and accessory DW4 finder, minimal brassing and no dents, 8/10.

Voigtlander Vito II with later style rewind knob and 1/500 shutter, 5/10 cosmetics but fully functional

Details and prices on asking.

(No worries I’m not done with photography. I am keeping my other F, two Nikkormats, the S2, the Signet, and the Ikoflex)

Sep 10, 2021 14:18:13   #
sennamonster Loc: fort wayne, IN

Sep 10, 2021 14:49:29   #
CusopDingle Loc: central CT
These are being put up on EvilBay as auctions with starting prices 10-20% less than I would have set as "buy it now." I will consider reasonable offers at all points. It's not collector-grade stuff.....the EL might be close except for the fact that the EL I think is way undervalued for what it is, especially objectively assessed vs the F, Nikkormat FTn, and (yes I know I risk being roasted) even against the vaunted F2. I'm not out to get rich off this equipment but it has all been carefully cared for, and has serviced me very well so I'm looking for fair offers for fairly represented 'known quantities.' I'm selling off some of my equipment because I've finally learned (maybe) which of my cameras give me the most enjoyment, and so rather than spread myself too thin and not use stuff (the worst thing that can happen to mechanical devices) or dilute the pleasure of using my favorites, it's time to move these nice instruments into hands of people who will make good use of them. That said, I think the auctions open at these prices plus shipping (please confirm these on my wife's eBay store "Ostricajazz Attic":

N'mat FT / Nikkor-S 5 cm f/2: $125

N'mat EL / Nikkor-S 50mm f/1.4: $150

F Photomic : $250

F3 (nonHP)/ 50mm Nikkor f/2 and DW-4 accessory finder, $350

Vito II (NOT on eBay, I'm asking $4o + shipping)

Sep 11, 2021 05:30:47   #
Sent you a PM.


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