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Some taxis are utopians and begin to dream like newbie starlets
Aug 23, 2021 07:01:52   #
Dan' de Bourgogne
I wished to take a picture of some unique landmarks I like so much from GB...
My choice went to their "London black cabs" (Austin FX4)
So I took a picture.
This one came out.
The poor dark taxi was obviously expecting to become one day a big and gleaming red double decker!(RouteMaster RM54?)

Note: this picture comes straight out of camera...0% editing/posttreatment!


Aug 23, 2021 07:48:40   #
ecobin Loc: Paoli, PA
Need some more photos as it morphs into the bus. Great idea and composite!

Aug 23, 2021 09:05:31   #
Dan' de Bourgogne
ecobin wrote:
Need some more photos as it morphs into the bus. Great idea and composite!

Hello Ecobin!
Thank You for Your advice.
I wanted to shoot only one picture, while releasing twice the shutter (double exposure trick)
Just to demonstrate what could be done shooting the picture this way
Made short: best possible result with the less effort and gear.

But i did not prep' correctly the set up: I should have another "ground/background"...+ put a bigger water puddle just before the vehicules...and also the lighting needs some improvements.

I only wanted the Austin to reflect clearly and brightly in the "puddle" as a red bus.
Well, it happened not in the way I was looking for!
I need another "ground/background" on which to lay down the "subjects"= background made of another product/texture... looking like asphalt...but no sensitiv to water (my big black card board doesn't like water) and the "plastic cover" I layed on that black card board (to prevent water destroys my "tool") is not adequate for this set up (tansluscent, a bit white...not convenient at all)
As soon I find the needed stuff, I'll shot again this scenario!
BTW, any idea for the stuff?

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