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Serious sling bag advice needed —
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Aug 2, 2021 11:40:45   #
Tenba makes nice bags. They have a messenger sling bag made of pretty light weight Cordura nylon now. It’s not well padded until you put in the Velcro padded dividers, and then it’s very well padded. But I’m with a lot of others on the list: that’s a heck of a lot of mass to put on one shoulder, even if you sling it cross-chest.

Either slim down your field kit to what you’ll need that day or go the back pack route. The problem with a backpack is you have to take it off to get anything.

Aug 3, 2021 01:21:40   #
SkyKing Loc: Thompson Ridge, NY
…peak design…13L…

Greer wrote:
Wanting a sling bag for tossing into vehicle for trips, both planned and unexpected, around city and countryside. Must be padded and comfortable; nothing to stiff. I have a D850 with 24-70mm 2.8 attached. Will also be carrying 70-200mm or instead of 70-200, one or two other smaller lenses. Wanting adequate protection of gear. Extra pockets for wireless flash, etc. Will pay for quality, but nothing excessive. Yes, I do want a sling bag. Serious suggestions only. Thank you all in advance.

Aug 3, 2021 03:40:12   #
I use a slingbag with a Canon 5Dc and a 35mm lens on it (my "normal" lens) plus a 70-300. If I can't get the shot with 300mm, I don't get the shot. Too bad but guess what. I have a life so the hell with it. And I don't miss the 36-69 at all. I went to 35mm for the ease of carry not to burden myself ith a lot of equipment. If I wanted/needed a lot of equipment, I'd hire a freakin' gunbearer to walk two steps behind me! Either that or buy a gd^mn pack mule.

Harry PS You people with your "Oh, if I don't have a million mm lens, I might miss a shot." As I've said, my friend pro Charlie Harbutt used a Leica with a normal lens. I learned a lot from him! (Can you spell "feet"?) But I suspect that he'd laugh at me and my 70-30. But he's gone so I'll do the laughing.

Aug 3, 2021 14:11:28   #
Go to B&H, under Photography, Bags, select Sling Bags. Look for Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-26. I have the 3N1-36 which is larger. Cool thing about both is they covert to Backpack or Sling. I went for sling because backpack can be a hassle to take off or put on by comparison with a sling. The weight on one shoulder usually doesn't bother me but if for any reason it does it's a simple move to convert to Backpack. Either of those bags will carry what you need. The 36 is much larger. Wish I had gotten to 26, but I got a helluva sale.


Aug 9, 2021 14:16:48   #
texaseve Loc: TX, NC and NH
I like the Tamrac sling bags, and a backpack (also Tamrac) I have, which are now a few years old. I just bought another used one off Ebay for a new camera. The reason I like this brand, is because they put a strong handle on the top, and I am usually carrying mine from the house to the car and back. A lot of the new ones these days only have a small loop at the top and then the shoulder and back apparatus for carrying whatever bag on your body. Just something to keep in mind, as well as ease of entry.

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