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Aug 1, 2021 15:23:04   #
kymarto Loc: Portland OR and Milan Italy
DirtFarmer wrote:
If you start from a raw file, re-editing and saving as jpg produces no further degradation.

If you start from a jpg and edit that, you will get some degradation but if you write it using low compression the degradation is small.

If you always start from the original jpg and edit that, you can keep further degradation minimal. If you use a parametric editor you can start from where you last stopped without any further degradation.

But always 8 bit

Aug 8, 2021 10:03:33   #
profbowman Loc: Harrisonburg, VA, USA
kymarto wrote:
But always 8 bit

Yes, the data making up a JPEG image file is recorded in segments that are 8 bits long. However, it is not simply a reduction of information from 24-bit pixels to 8-bit pixels. It is much more sophisticated than that. If one wants to learn more about how a JPEG file is created, here are two sites. --Richard

"Unravelling the JPEG"
"What is Inside a JPEG File"

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