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Crows' Bath & Rooting Plants
Jul 15, 2021 15:19:50   #
Don Schaeffer Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
I was told and I believe that birds carry protozoans on their feet. So, when I saw a family of crows bathing in my friend's birdbath I thought I would find numbers of protozoans in the water when they left. Sampling the water, I did find bacterial growth but no protists. On the other hand, garden plants being rooted in a jar of water harbored masses of protists, amoebas and bacteria. An interesting comparison.

Jul 16, 2021 08:34:12   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
Don, have you checked your feet lately? You may be as bad as Mr. Crow!! and more like the rooting plants
You cleared the crow of any crime..." I did find bacterial growth but no protists."
As usual interesting video.

Jul 16, 2021 08:58:05   #
Don Schaeffer Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Thanks dpullum

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