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35mm Film:
Jun 9, 2021 14:53:43   #
Thirteen rolls Provia 100 36 exp., 2 rolls Provia 400 36 exp., 2 rolls Kodak E100 36 exp., 1 roll Kodak PlusX 20 esp., 15 Fijifilm Prepaid Processing Mailers for Color Slides 36 Esp., purchased B&H 02/27/06 and frozen since. $60.00 cash and will UPS in lower 48. Honeywell Nikor stainless steel Film Developing tank (Q08 Samll Format Tank) $20.00 cash and will UPS in lower 48.

Jun 10, 2021 19:30:19   #
JCS810 Loc: 33843
I hope that I may still be the 1st to answer to your ad. I privately messaged you earlier but wanted to follow up via the open email. If I may quickly mail you a check for your payment please contact me so we may exchange personal information via private message. Many thanks, Steven Jones

Jun 10, 2021 19:35:23   #

I recently sent you an email with my personal email, phone #, and address. I hope you received it and I await an email or even better yet, a phone call. If phone, please leave message about you and film purchase so I can return and get film mailed to you.

Richard Gilbert

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