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Photo Analysis
Questions about How to do Real Estate Photos?
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May 1, 2021 15:03:12   #
CPR Loc: Nature Coast of Florida
Light, light and more light. Multiple exposures and merging is good, all lamps on is good, any dark corners?? put a hidden light or strobe to light the corners.
Remember - THE LADY buys the house......................

May 1, 2021 16:35:24   #
Jared Polin has a YouTube video on taking real estate photos.
He also has one where his photos are criticized by a pro who specializes in RE photography - the second is very educational and convinced me to hire a pro for my last two RE listings.

May 5, 2021 15:34:55   #
boberic Loc: Quiet Corner, Connecticut. Ex long Islander
Architect1776 wrote:

If you want to show the view, then show the view. This is the view from the deck of a rental we stayed at that the owner used for rental ads.


May 16, 2021 14:39:55   #
[quote=WDCash]We are seriously thinking of selling our house. Looking at photos I see in many "professional" listings I think to myself. "I can do that". And based on what I'm seeing probably better, at least for showing off my house.

Hire a professional Real Estate photographer with the capability to do both stills and video and has a drone to do aerial views. The average cost is around $250-$300 and worth the investment. A good pro can do it all in a couple of hours.
You would be better staging your home instead of trying to photograph it. Judicial removement of furniture or other stuff and some painting can make a tremendous difference.

The owners of our current house removed unneeded stuff and painted rooms to look like new construction of a 9 year old house.

After we paid a down payment we went back to the house and they had replaced all the distracting stuff that they stored when staging the house. It was a world of difference.

When it comes to the time we sell our house, we will follow their example.

Jul 14, 2021 08:30:09   #
ejpeters Loc: New Jersey, USA
We just sold our home and they had us open all blinds and shades and all of our lights were on. They also took 360 photos.
If the person taking the photos really know what they are doing they should take them. Our pictures were fantastic and showed our home to it's best.
I think they also used a high ISO indoors because even our basement was very light and bright.

We also decluttered and staged our home and it made quite a difference.

Good Luck!

Jul 20, 2021 16:41:18   #
RonHo Loc: Maine
Tried to help, I edited as much as possible but the room arrangement and crutter makes it a bad shot

Jul 21, 2021 23:52:00   #
usnret Loc: Woodhull Il
WDCash wrote:
We are seriously thinking of selling our house. Looking at photos I see in many "professional" listings I think to myself. "I can do that". And based on what I'm seeing probably better, at least for showing off my house.
We live on the water. When we purchased our home it was the view that grabbed us, the house meant little. So I want to show the view in every picture that I can.

I started experimenting today with how to best capture the view from inside and still show the room. these are my attempts. This is a first try. (The room has not been prepared for doing this properly so please don't bother pointing out my slippers, the orange ditch bag or anything else that doesn't not belong in a display photo.)

1 is exposed for the room,
2 is exposed for the view
I shot 2 more between 1 and 2
I merged them as an HDR in LR and that is #3

For a first try I think this is gonna work out ok.

Question for those who know how best to do this
Is my method the best way to achieve my goal? Show the room and view in the same photo.

What type of depth of field am I looking for? I'm thinking I should stop down to f8, which I did to help keep the room in focus. Should I stop down more?

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
We are seriously thinking of selling our house. Lo... (show quote)

Jul 22, 2021 00:21:45   #
usnret Loc: Woodhull Il
When you say you live on the water what exactly do you mean? Near a lake, on a gulf, or the ocean. Buy some hip waders, wade out a ways and use the water in the foreground as a way to lure potential costumers in the same way it appealed to you. Include some pictures of the outside of the house. Accentuate picture windows, a sprawling lawn, fruit trees etc. Does it have an attached garage?, Include some kitchen, family room, bedroom etc. picts Be sure to tidy things up first.

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