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Digital Artistry
Welcome to Digital Artistry
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Apr 19, 2021 20:47:18   #
Cwilson341 Loc: Central Florida
Digital Artistry forum is open to all members of UHH regardless of experience or skill level. It is a place to share your digital creations or photos that have been significantly modified by the use of layers and blend modes, artistic filters, plugins and special effects. It is also a place to come for inspiration, new ideas and feedback, if desired. To participate, simply subscribe to the section. If you just want to subscribe to see the work that is posted, that is fine but please feel free to comment and post your own work.

General Guidelines:
1. All general policies established for UHH by Admin will be enforced.
2. Do not add your own photo to another member's topic unless requested to do so.
3. Ask permission before editing and reposting another’s photo.
4. When posting a composite, please identify the work as a composite and also identify the source of the
images used. (your own photo, internet photo, or other source)
5. Critical feedback should only be offered if the original poster has requested feedback.
6. Please carefully consider your wording in any comment, so as not to be misunderstood. Comments should
be kind, supportive and as positive as possible.
7. Stay on topic to avoid hijacking the thread.
8. If you feel a post or comment is inappropriate or in violation of the stated policies, please report it to one
of the section co-managers, Carol or Linda. All issues will be promptly dealt with according to the guidelines.

If you want to reply, then register here. Registration is free and your account is created instantly, so you can post right away.
Digital Artistry - Forum
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