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The Exploration of Digital Artistry
Links to tutorials, resource and educational topics on UHH
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Apr 19, 2021 20:38:35   #
Cwilson341 Loc: Central Florida
Below are links to UHH tutorials and instructions for creative post processing. Feel free to use these as much as you like. As appropriate new topics are posted, they will be added to this listing.

Click here for Texture, Sky and Background Library

Click here for Matting, Framing, Creative Displays and more

Please send a pm to Carol if you know of a topic we should include.

- Black and White with Invert: "Shadowlight" Bob Yankle
- Canvas extending, strokes and drop shadow Fstop12
- Digital Photo Mat Creation Fstop12
- Faux Photo Gallery Fstop12
- Grunge Effect Bob Yankle
- Make your own brushes, use as "stamps" Linda from Maine
- Photo Elasticity Pixelmaven
- Sketch combined with real Jim-Pops
- Splintered Glass Effect for Photoshop Bob Yankle
- Splintered Glass Effect for AFFINITY Bob Yankle
- Texture Use MinnieV


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