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SOLD Canon 5D MK II with extras
Apr 6, 2021 12:42:56   #
Selling for a friend - Canon 5D Mark II with two batteries, charger, 32 GB CF card and 420EX II flash.
I've tested the camera and flash and both work as they should. Camera shows little if any sighns of wear and shutter count is less than one half Canon's estimated max shutter count. of over 100K.
$425 includes shipping CONUS only. PayPal only.
PM if you want it.

Apr 7, 2021 13:10:28   #
Shawags Loc: PNW
I’m extremely interested. Is it still available?

Apr 7, 2021 14:45:30   #
yes, it's still available - send payment to my PayPal account. If you don't want it please let me know as someone else is interested.

Apr 7, 2021 16:18:35   #
Shawags Loc: PNW
obeone wrote:
yes, it's still available - send payment to my PayPal account. If you don't want it please let me know as someone else is interested.

PayPal payment on its way...

Address is
Ron Wagner
1205 Clearwater Lane
Springfield, Oregon 97478

Apr 7, 2021 17:25:28   #
Thanks, I'll ship tomorrow and send you the tracking number

Apr 7, 2021 17:26:33   #
Sorry, it sold to the guy who first expressed interest

Apr 7, 2021 20:38:53   #
Shawags Loc: PNW

Apr 7, 2021 20:40:52   #
Shawags Loc: PNW
I sure you sent me the payment back plus the fee it charged me!

Apr 7, 2021 20:42:15   #
Shawags Loc: PNW
I sure hope you have refunded me the $425 plus the $12.63 I was charged as the transaction fee.
This is rather upsetting.

Apr 7, 2021 22:13:47   #
User ID
Shawags wrote:

Sale post asked buyer to PM. You used the forum instead. I’ve seen this timing glitch before. I realize that this doesn’t relieve your disappointment :-(

My own similar kit will go on the block in about a month (too busy relocating) but these are hardly rare, and usually quite affordable. Very popular as a workaday model. One or more may pop up ahead of mine. Keep watch !

Apr 7, 2021 22:17:11   #
Shawags Loc: PNW
When will you be sending me my payment back? I’ve sent it to you. Kindly send it back please.

Apr 8, 2021 08:48:57   #
It was already sent back - Check your bank account or Credit card if you used that. It should have been for the complete amount.
if they with held the processing fee, let me know so I can make ajustment.

Apr 8, 2021 08:51:26   #
Now, I'm confused. Are you Ron Wagner? He paid and is getting the camera.

Apr 9, 2021 11:11:09   #
CHG_CANON Loc: the Windy City

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