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Post-Processing Digital Images
I would like to create a series of tutorials with your input going from the simple to more complex...
Apr 4, 2021 17:52:24   #
Rongnongno Loc: FL
While I can somehow manage wit PS CC I am as dumb as a door knob in other software title.

What I would to do is to create a simple tutorial on a subject and you to recreate in using your own software.

What are your thoughts on it, and who wants to participate?

Why am I thinking about this?
I have been going through old links and found that many are repetitive, not in the subject but because the same process is used over and over but never used as a building block.

Example (PS CC):
We know about layers but many times we just do not see what is behind them...
Composite? Texture? Special effect? Moving an object? A Layer
Removing artifacts? A layer
Adjustments? A layer
Everything about PS CC is about layers
So? Understanding layers is the first thing to learn then own they interact then... I mean you how layers works? You can do anything w/o a sweat.

Apr 5, 2021 00:02:31   #
Wallen Loc: Middle Earth
Circa 1990's, I was hanging out in a game cafe, a student came in the wee hours looking for a computer that has Photoshop. He got a project where he had to reproduce a magazine advertisement. Being a gaming cafe, none of the computer have PS or Illustrator and he was on the verge of crying as it was needed by daylight.
So i stepped forward, took a look at the page and noticed that it can be reproduced and did the job in MS Word with a little help from Windows Paint.
All the while explaining each step to the kid so that he can present his project later that day.

Come evening he returned and thanked me graciously. Explaining enthusiastically how everyone in their class including the instructor was amazed by his project solution. He was so happy he paid for me 10hrs worth of game time.

I used the textbox feature of MS Word as layers. That is the power of layers. Be it Photoshop or any other software that has the feature, layer is what allows for many elements to blend together.

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