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Helpful discussion of Saturation vs Vibrance
Mar 30, 2021 23:01:11   #
grathbun Loc: Placerville, California
I like the way Harry Guiness explains things. In this topic, he compares Saturation and Vibrance in Photoshop, and I would guess that they work similarly in other photo-processing programs.

This probably is most useful for those like me, who are not pros or experienced photo editors.

Here's the link:

Mar 30, 2021 23:37:27   #
Craigdca Loc: Pasadena, California
I agree, this is a good explanation that matches what I had read and immediately began using once I added a program with vibrancy to my toolkit. It gets even better when also using the Haze adjustment.

Mar 31, 2021 01:27:26   #
lreisner Loc: Union,NJ
Thanks for posting. It is a good explanation.

Mar 31, 2021 12:19:30   #
Great information, thanks.

Mar 31, 2021 14:14:52   #
louparker Loc: Scottsdale, AZ
shieldsadvert wrote:
Great information, thanks.

Ditto. I never really understood the difference and have used both before, but not together. Now I know how to use them properly.

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