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Post-Processing Digital Images
Software listing (In progress)
Mar 22, 2021 15:27:53   #
Rongnongno Loc: FL
This list is created using UHH subscribers input.

It includes:
 ► Software name
 ► Link to publisher
 ► Type of software
 ► License type
 ► Operating system

Windows/Mac/Linux software
Adobe* Organizer, Editor (Fee and Subscription)
ACDSee* Organizer, editor (Fee or Subscription)
Affinity photo Editor (Fee)
BatchPhoto Batch editor (fee)
Canon Organizer, Editor (Free) Might need a Canon camera serial number to DL and use.
Capture One Organizer, Editor, tethering (Fee or subscription)
Darktable Organizer, Editor (Free - GNU license)
Digikam Tethering (Free - GNU license)
DXO* Editor (fee)
Exposure software* Organizer, Editor (Fee)
GIMP Editor (Free - GNU license)
Imagemagick Editor (Free - GNU license)
Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor (Free - GNU license)
Luminar* Editor, plug-in (Fee)
Nikon* Organizer, Editor (Free, Nikon)
On1 Organizer, Editor (Fee)
PhotoScape X Editor (Free)
Picassa Last update, 2016, No support. MAC link is dead...
Rawtherapee Editor (Free - GNU license)
Xnview Batch editor, viewer (Free - Fee for business use)

Windows only
BatchPhoto Batch editor (fee)
Chasys Draw Editor (free) Windows
FastStone* Organizer, editor (free)
Irfanview Organizer, Basic editing features
Paintshop Pro* Editor (Fee)
Portrait Pro* Editor (Fee)
Windows paint Rudimentary editor included in MS windows
Zoner photo studio Organizer, Editor, video(?) (Subscription)

Mac only
Acorn Editor (Fee)
GraphicConverter* Graphic converter (fee)
Pixelmator Pr‪o Editor (fee)

Linux only
So far all software listed is multiplatform.

HDR software:
Aurora HDR Fee (Windows/Mac) Part of Luminar offerings
SNS HDR Mixed (Windows/Mac)
Photomatix Pro Fee (Windows/Mac)

Astronomy software
APT Mixed (Windows)
AutoStakkert! Stacking - Free (Windows)
Lynkeos Stacking - Free (Linux)
PHD2 Free - GNU licence (Windows/Mac)
Registax Stacking - Free (Windows/Linux) Not updated since 2011
SharpCap Mixed (Windows)
Siril Stacking (Free) Mac, Windows & Linux
StarStaX Free (Windows/Mac)
Sterllarium Free GNU licence (Linux/Windows/Mac)
Astro Pixel Processor Stacking (Fee) Mac, Windows & Linux

Panorama software
Some software already listed allow the creation of stitched panoramas.
Adobe* Organizer, Editor (Fee and Subscription)
ICE Last update, 2015, No support.
Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher (Free - GNU license)
PTGUI Editor (Fee) - Mac, Windows, Linux -

Stacking software
Adobe* Organizer, Editor (Fee and Subscription)
Chasys Draw* Editor (Fee) Windows
CombineZP Editor (free) Windows
Helicon* Editor (Fee) Mac & Windows
Picolay Editor (Free) Windows JPG only
Zerene Stacker Editor (Fee) Mac, Windows & Linux

* Indicates a publisher that offers several programs that are not listed individually.
License type
 ► Fee = Fixed price
 ► Mixed = Depends on version
 ► Subscription = Monthly payment
 ► GNU License = The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL General Public License) is a series of widely-used free software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and sometime modify the software. Wikipedia

Apr 4, 2021 19:49:15   #
Rongnongno Loc: FL
If your software is not listed…
► I may not have the information
► The software is too old and not supported
► It is part of a software publisher that has many offering (Adobe by example)

I will update the list periodically.

Your input will be deleted once I use it to update the list. This is not an indication of disagreement, but the desire to keep this thread as short as possible. Note that I keep a 'thing to do' post so that I do not get lost… (Absent minded and all that)

When giving me a title, please give me at least a link to the software publisher so that I can visit it and check the requirements.

Software made for smartphones are not listed. Not sure if they ever will be, either.
Plug-ins and add-ons are usually software specific. I may list them later on in a different thread.

Apr 17, 2021 15:07:55   #
Rongnongno Loc: FL
Need to add

recuva undelete (Free)
awesome duplicate finder (Free)
Notepad ++ (Free)
NoteTab Pro (Fee, Free - light version)

Apr 20, 2021 18:08:13   #
Rongnongno Loc: FL
Thank you to all who contribute and even those who push me around to include some software I am not too sure about.

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