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A few "groaners"
Feb 24, 2021 07:09:56   #
Ava'sPapa Loc: Cheshire, Ct.
With the invention of self-driving vehicles, it's only a matter of time before we get a country song where a guy's truck leaves him too.

A boy is listening to a car radio with his father. "Dad," he asked, "what music did you like when you were growing up?" "Well, I was a huge fan of Led Zeppelin," the father replies.
"Who?" "Oh yeah, I liked them too!"

The guy who created autocorrect has died. Restaurant in peace.

A human cannonball decided that he was too old to go on being shot across a circus arena into a net night after night. He went to the circus owner and told him he was going to retire. "You can't!", the owner cried. "Where am I going to find a man of your caliber?"

I was the best door-to-door security alarm salesman for several years running. The trick was to just leave a brochure on the kitchen table if there was nobody home.

(Told you they were groaners)

Feb 24, 2021 08:28:43   #
pbearperry Loc: Massachusetts
Compared to most Dad jokes, these are knee slappers !

Feb 24, 2021 09:12:29   #
As I grow old I often think about those that I've left behind - I was a terrible tour guide

Feb 25, 2021 10:24:39   #
jerryc41 Loc: Catskill Mts of NY
They made me smile. That's all that counts.

Feb 25, 2021 11:06:26   #
Bmarsh Loc: Bellaire, MI
The guy who invented autocorrect can rest in Hello.

Feb 26, 2021 00:08:39   #
Bowpet Loc: Loveland, CO
"The guy who created autocorrect has died. Restaurant in peace."

I have it on good authority that his name was Otto Incorrect.

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