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Panasonic Lumix fz1000 with extras for sale, $400 + actual postage
Feb 20, 2021 15:47:16   #
Gallimaufry Loc: Denver, CO
For sale.. Lumix FZ1000 bridge camera. Condition is a 9+, with one exception (explained in a minute).

Included is the camera, lens cap (with lengthened cord), lens hood, both a wall charger and a charging cord, new strap given to me by a friend (never used, and I don't know how to attach it even), 2 OEM Panasonic batteries, an additional third party battery, and my Colormunki Display monitor calibrator (which will work with some of the newer i1 Studio Display software (check with X-Rite).

In addition, I am offering a 30 money-back guarantee. As long as it's in the same condition you got it you can return it within 30 days for any reason or no reason at all. You will have to pay return postage, insured.

You can see full specifications by clicking on this link:

The one flaw is that the rear LCD screen has this one stupid dark spot on the bottom right (when the screen is tucked in, and in the upper left when it is extended) which my camera shop tells me is some missing pixels. It looks like an ink stain to me, but I haven't been able to clean it off. The spot does not appear when using the viewfinder to focus and shoot.

When viewing the picture on the screen, the spot is there. I never noticed it until recently because I mostly shoot at night. The spot is not in the picture, only on the rear screen. I tried to also attach a picture of it to this posting, but I can't seem to be able to attach more than one picture. I'll be happy to send you a picture of the flaw if you are interested in the camera.

It in no way effects the images, and it does not appear in the actual image.



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