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Frond of a Pretty Plant
Feb 15, 2021 17:30:47   #
Don Schaeffer Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Looking at a thin slice of a frond that was left
drying on the floor of the flower pot,
I compared top and side-stage illumination
with substage illumination. The visit to the
surface of a dying plant gave me a new perspective.

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Feb 16, 2021 06:55:25   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
Thank you Don for showing us what we will never see without your guidance and communications. We tend to ignore the fine points of how-to-study, in this case, the Frond as it is changing. What can we see and what does it mean questions escape us. To Don, the microscopic would talk to him in visual ways and to translate the visual he studies the fine points of how to see details. I have been there within the world of man-made fibers and how the cut end says something about the fiber characteristics.

Also, the surface of electrodes is fascinating and important to the details of manufacture. Microscopic is a whole world that most never see and have no appreciation for.

Before this, I have heard the word frond always connected with a plant type, especially palms, a linkage by context, not really knowing the definition. I chose to look the word Frond up: "noun Botany. an often large, finely divided leaf, especially as applied to the ferns and certain palms. a leaflike expansion not differentiated into stem and foliage, as in lichens. " Now I know or do I?

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Feb 16, 2021 07:14:20   #
Don Schaeffer Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
A smart man, you are. I have have been a detail oriented person. I am a theorist if anything (which has been my downfall I think). But I like beauty and mystery. I think of the microscope as a kind of vessel that takes me places.

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