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Tennessee Waterfall
Jan 29, 2021 06:36:30   #
Wanda Krack Loc: Tennessee, USA
Shot about two weeks ago. Four images combined.


Jan 29, 2021 07:02:09   #
This is a beautiful composite for exposure, color and composition. The 1-second exposure was a good choice for rendering the waterfall and the overall effect is great. You put a lot of thought into producing this and yet on my screen it does not seem sharp. Was that intentional or something that happened when combining the images (like the software not auto-aligning the images)?

Jan 29, 2021 08:11:16   #
SonyA580 Loc: FL in the winter & MN in the summer
Rocks look sharp enough to me. Anything related to the moving water will not be sharp.

Jan 29, 2021 17:59:00   #
Rongnongno Loc: FL
Looks good as your low speed is not too low and does not create a bland image.

Jan 29, 2021 18:13:53   #
UTMike Loc: South Jordan, UT
Well done, Wanda!

Jan 30, 2021 10:26:26   #
yssirk123 Loc: New Jersey
Beautiful image - well done!

Jan 30, 2021 19:00:23   #
David in Dallas Loc: Dallas, Texas, USA
I think it's a beautiful image. I just wish I could have zoomed in on it a little.

Jan 31, 2021 01:16:41   #
JayRay Loc: Missouri
Great photograph of a beautiful waterfall!
Where in Tennessee is this located?

Jan 31, 2021 05:51:49   #
erickter Loc: Dallas,TX

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