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Jan 24, 2021 12:59:24   #
A real Mystery indeed, let us know the final answer when it has been determined to be the correct answer.

Jan 24, 2021 21:05:59   #
Steve DeMott Loc: St. Louis, Missouri (Oakville area)
Silverrails wrote:
A real Mystery indeed, let us know the final answer when it has been determined to be the correct answer.

You have a valid point about something on the lens, maybe a speck of dirt, possible a spot of water.
I don't know and my never know. Your Idea or a possible lens flare seems to be the best guess.

Feb 4, 2021 19:40:36   #
bdk Loc: Sanibel Fl.
I looked at the ring, the camera moved a bit but the ring didnt. Im looking at one leaf on the left side of the ring. Its in the same place for every pic. So its not camera or lens. Then I see the table in the back, if it was a reflection, from a possibly glass table in front of you . The angle would change as you move and the ring would move.
I think its something behind the camera, a reflection from maybe a house behind you?
or could be some type of alien device to watch humans spend all their hard earned m
oney on GAS>

Jul 26, 2021 14:26:45   #
It's all in the timing, time of day etc. the sun behind the subject doesn't not do these image justice. A fixed lens would benefit this image better along with a diffident time of day. filters or shaded natural light would be the nest best thing. Low level light from a setting sun again would best suit this image. If you have a fixed 85mm lens this would be the best suited for this type of image. Keep practicing as you have the right idea.. just not the correct lens or light source. As for the ring, this has nothing to do with the table as the ring would flow over and under the leave. This ring is merely sitting on top of the leaves which means its something within the lens or sensor. How long has it been since you done a sensor cleaning?

Jul 28, 2021 15:53:02   #
10MPlayer Loc: California
hgrinolds wrote:
Do you wear a watch on your right hand?

I think the implication was that a refection came off a watch.

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