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Miscellaneous Tutorials and Matting/Framing Ideas
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Linda From Maine Loc: Yakima, Washington State, home since 2002

Miscellaneous Tutorials
Action, create for Colorizing a B&W Steve DeMott
Affinity Haze Removal - another use camerapapi
Affinity: how to make frames and virtual borders Cwilson341
Affinity workflow raw to jpg Bob Yankle
Art History Brush (paint styles) in PS kenievans
Backgrounds - making black or other color l-fox
Backgrounds - toning down R.G.
Borders with paint brush, png Jim-Pops
Borders, transparent - tips and here Linda from Maine
Brushes, creating your own share thread
Clipping Mask demo Guyserman
Clipping Masks, more ideas a share topic
Coloring b&w images by using Photoshop kubota king
Color grading to increase contrast Crichmond
Color Noise removal with ACR Rongnongno
Color Range, selecting kenievans
Compositing Donolea
Cropping - try not to do it Steve Perry on his website
Cropping: how, when, why Blenheim Orange
Daytime to Nighttime Dave Chinn
Day to night Donolea
Desktop background creation pixbyjnjphotos
Details, how to achieve best Rongnongno
Digital Photo Mat Creation Fstop12
Documenting Old Photo information on the scanned file DirtFarmer
Dodge and Burn, non-destructive Fstop12
Dodge and Burn using ACR and masking bleirer
Fog-making tips kenievans
Frame Making Guyserman
Frames and virtual borders for AFFINITY Cwilson341
Frame - virtual border, canvas, for non-standard crops Linda from Maine
Grunge Effect Bob Yankle
Haze Removal Harvey
HDR kymarto
Infrared JohnSwanda + see dpullum's link to an action
Layer Masks Tutorial Crichmond
Lightroom Workflow Dirtfarmer
A Light Tent and Masking rmalarz
Luminosity Maps Steve DeMott
Luminosity Maps, Part 2 and 3 Steve DeMott
Mandala designs htbrown
another mandala tutorial Jim Plogger
Mat cutting, traditional abc1234 provided the documents
Mats, digital - an action for PS and PSE Fstop12
Mirror Images ronichas
Move, Rotate and Distort a Selection Mike Gallagher
Nik Color Efex 4 over 50 video tutorials
Noise Processing, basics Chg_Canon
Out of Bounds effect russelray
Perceived depth with artistic matting Uuglypher
Perspective Window with Landscapes Uuglypher
Portrait, painted bkyser
Radial Gradient kenievans
Removing Dust Rongnongno
Removing patterns from an image DirtFarmer
Resizing Chg_Canon
Restoring Old Photos MinnieV]
Selection Technique Guyserman
Sharpening Basics in LR Chg_Canon
Sketch creation Linary
Sketch combined with Real Jim-Pops
Skies, how to change MinnieV
Snow creation Searcher
Stamp Layers Bob Yankle
Star sharpening in night sky Anvil
Straightening & Rotating an image Searcher
Text, adding in various ways share thread
Textures, how to use MinnieV
Textures, working with multiple files Crichmond
Textures, more tips on using multiples a share topic, with several participants
Topaz Studio 2 - Creating a certain result l-fox
Twirl Effect aka Twirlies Jim Plogger
Unzip - Photoshop composite play Fstop12
Upside Down, inverting a glass ball image Jim-Pops


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