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Close Up Photography
Introduction to Close-Up Forum and Section Guidelines
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Jan 29, 2020 18:35:23   #
Dixiegirl Loc: Alabama gulf coast
Definition: Close-up Photography tightly frames a subject rather than including a broader scene. The background is often out of focus and not distracting. Unlike Macro Photography, which is usually 1:1 magnification and often requires special equipment, close-ups are less restrictive and can be accomplished with any camera and lens.

The section is open to people at all skill levels, including beginners, so it will often be helpful to include extra information on your procedures, camera settings and any special considerations that were needed when taking the shot.


Our expectation is that participants in this section will treat others with respect and will acknowledge their right to have whatever opinion they choose.


Per the forum-wide rules, members shouldn't edit another's image unless permission has been granted. The same applies to re-posting someone else's image either in this section or elsewhere in the forum.


Occasionally going off-topic is to be expected but staying off-topic is impolite and frustrating to the OP and other readers.

We look forward to your participation in Close-Up Forum!



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